Top 8 Incredible Family Camping Games That Every Member Will Love

Camping fun games are the most exciting activities for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whatever age group you may be in, you will surely appreciate these games not only because these make you smile but because they have numerous benefits to offer. 

Today, I will discuss some family camping games ideas that you can play in your next summer camp trips wherever you go. Plus, I will also show you how beneficial these camping games for the individuals and the whole family. 

So, let us not waste time and just proceed to learn some interesting topics. 

Next Camping Game Ideas for The Whole Family 

Wherever you stay for your camping, at the beach, back yard, or in the wilderness, there are different camping games to enjoy. Playing these games together strengthens your relationship with one another.


This game is composed of 8 metal balls (boules) or one small ball dubbed as jack and one measuring stick. This is a game of luck, skill, and strategy that keeps the whole clan well-entertained for a couple of hours. 

The rule is that there should be 2 teams and you need to designate the game parameters. Make a big circle. Pass out the balls to the members of every team and throw away the jack from other players. Your goal is that each player must throw his boule closely to the jack. The team with the most number of boules thrown closest to the jack wins. 


Molkky is a game originated in Finland and it is a popular outdoor game. It is the combination of blackjack, bowling, and billiards and played as one. Here, you will need wooden pins (numbered 1 to 12) and a bigger throwing pin (non-numbered) called the skittle. 

The main objective of this game is to knock down all the pins standing at least twelve (12) feet away from the formation of a triangular-shaped pin. Whenever a camper knocks down this pin, he will score points as marked on it. After one player’s turn, you should put back the knocked down pin in its exact location. 

For the player who will reach 50 points first, he will be the winner. But here’s a catch – a player with over 50 points as his score will be set back to only 25 points. And, if he missed the target pins for three consecutive tries, he will be eliminated. 

Campfire Storytelling 

Storytelling is a family thing. But this time, you will not just do it in the kids’ bedroom or living room, but in a campsite. This is a relaxing kind of game which you can do around a campfire. All you need to do is to let each member of the family tell a story. It may be a real-life story, scary, fantasy or funny. This is the part where little campers will be very attentive to every word you say since they love listening to any stories. 

You can do this every night after a long, tiring day. It is the best way to relax. You can also put a twist in the rules of this game. You can start the story and let another family member continue what you have started by adding their parts to your story. 


Bingo is an oldie but goodie kind of game which remains extremely popular ever since it has been played many decades ago. In this game, you will need Bingo cards marked with letters B-I-N-G-0 on top with corresponding numbers below. To play this game, the host will pick from the bottle and call out a letter-number. The rest of the players will check on their cards and mark the numbers which have been called out. 

The first one to get 5 numbers in a row – horizontal, diagonal or vertical – will win. If your family is competitive, you can make your own Bingo cards or boards and change some of the rules with your version. 


Charade is one of the classic games that have been played for all time by kids, teens, and adults. This is the reason why this game is a perfect thing for the fun and enjoyment of the whole family while on a campsite.

You can play charades with any age brackets, by team or by a partner. You just have to provide two jars (one for the adults and another for the little kids in the family). In these jars, you have to write down words or phrases on a piece of paper. Fold them up or roll, so it will be easier to pick and hide the words written on them. 

Now, in every team or pair, there is one who will pick and act out the word or phrase. The rest of the members should guess what the word is. After guessing the word successfully, you can draw another piece of paper and do the same thing again. 

To make it more interesting, it is best to set a timer to act out and guess the word. You can write down phrases that are correlative with outdoor adventures. It can be a campfire, fishing, a car, etc. 

Ring Toss (Glow in the Dark)

Glow in the Dark ring toss is a colorful, fun game that will be very appealing to all age groups. You need glow-in-the-dark sticks and rings. They are available in various discount stores. Then, find some plastic liter bottles. Make sure that they are clear and empty. After that, fill them with water putting these cracked glow sticks. Set the bottles at least 2 feet apart on the direction of the sunset. 

The next step to do is to take turns in tossing your rings. The one who will be able to toss the rings on these bottles is the winner. 


This game called cornhole is about keen tossing which is great for the entire family. It can be done for single players and by teams. You can decide which one matches your conditions best. In this game, the goal is to be the first to get 21 points to score to win. 

In the traditional game type, cornhole has two bean bags which will be tossed of about 27 ft. at a wooden board elevated and it has a hole cut. For the little ones, they need to stand a bit closer. For every toss, it is worth three points. For the tosses that land only on board, they will get 1 point. 

However, if you do not have beanbags and boards, you can just come up with tossing pinecones and dig in the dirt instead. 

Scavenger Hunt (Nature-Inspired) 

A scavenger hunt brings a lot of fun for all ages. They can be played with a team – the youngest ones will be paired up with the adults. You can provide a list of different things to gather and find during your arrival on the campsite or even before the road trip. 

Make sure you create a scavenger list that is sense-oriented to engage every player while searching for things with the use of the five senses – smell, touch, sight, sound, and taste. Furthermore, you may also provide a kind of search list from sticks, bugs, leaves, rocks, and flowers. For young campers who cannot ready yet, it is best to print or draw some pictures on the list. 

Family Camping and Its Life-Changing Benefits 

Every minute spent camping with your loved ones will be very precious and priceless. Although you should be cautious of the safety measures, doing them right means that it will be highly beneficial. 

Now, let us know some of the advantages of family camping you never realized in the first place. These are the following: 

Educational Value

Regardless of the age of your children, they will surely learn many new things during the camping expedition. Here, there is an endless possibility. At the same time, you can teach them about life and its value. You can teach them about nature, planting trees, throwing their trash properly, etc. 

You take a walk, you can also enhance their observation and strengthen their senses. Let them know what a certain animal does or teach them about deductive reasoning. 


 The kind of lifestyle you have at present can affect everything in your family – the kids, the finances, and the time spent with them. Thus, you need to find a way to enjoy and spend quality time with your spouse and the kids without breaking the bank. 

With camping activities, you can explore the world even without so much cash. The key is to bring the necessary materials for the comfort and safety of the kids. Bring sleeping bags, camping tents, drinks, first aid kits, and proper clothing. 

Health Benefits 

You may never know it but there are numerous health benefits of family camping. Let us check them one by one. 

First, you get to breathe fresh air. If you are living in a city and travel to and from your workplace, the tendency is that you acquire so many allergens, dust, and virus outdoors. These particles can make you sick quickly especially if you or your kids have a weak immune system.  

Second, camping lets you hike for a few hours. Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities because it does not only allow you to see new places, but you get stronger immunity as well. Since walking is a great form of exercise, you strengthen your bones and muscles.

However, you should forget to bring protective gear such as footwear, sun hats, clothes, and glasses. You should also bring with your medicines, food, and water. 

Third, these family camping games will help your kids become active. They have enough space where they can swim, bend, kneel, roll in the grass, and run through the woods. They can see and touch everything around them. 

Lastly, it helps you release stress, worries, anxiety, fear and all other negative emotions that keep bothering you for months or years. You become healthier in any aspect of your life – physical, social, emotional and psychological. As a result, you become more responsible and more prepared to face the challenges waiting as you get back to the real world. 

Recreational Opportunities 

You can decide how long you can stay at the campsite. As long as it does not compromise your work schedule and your kids’ school activities, you can stay for days relaxing. Another important advantage of family camping is that you get recreational opportunities. Think of mind-boggling recreational activities and something will enhance their physical endurance as well. 


Family camping is like reminiscing your childhood days – soccer games, your favorite dogs, ballet recitals, etc. Now, you have a family and you want to make unforgettable memories with the kids and other family members. By learning more about family camping games, you will have limitless ideas in your mind on how to spend quality time with your loved ones, relax and enjoy. 

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