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Top 6 Amazing Outdoor Water Games and Activities For All Ages - OUTDOOR ALWAYS

Top 6 Amazing Outdoor Water Games and Activities For All Ages

Forget about the technology, social media and a pile of paperwork waiting in your desk. Go out and see how you can spend quality time with your family. With the outdoor water games we are about to provide, there is no reason for you not to enjoy the summer. However, you can enjoy these games even on ordinary days.

If you are used to the typical card and board games, then water play will cool you down. See how it can make a big difference in the lives and behavior of your kids and other members of the family after each fun game.

What are you waiting for? Check the information given below and use it as your guide for your next summer getaways or family bonding.

Incredible Water Games That Kids and Adults Will Love 

Enjoy summer and any ordinary day with these amazing water games that are perfect for kids and adults. These games will surely fit families, a circle of friends or even team building activities. 

Let us get to know them one by one. 

1. Water Balloon Toss 

In this game, you just have to provide a water balloon. Find a partner who will help you toss the water balloon to the other pair or group. Check out how long it will take you to pass this thing on to your teammate before getting soaked? Your goal is to beat your existing score. 

2. Duck, Duck, Splash!

Another awesome game in the list is Duck Duck, Splash. This is often compared to the game named Duck, Duck, Goose. Here, you will be seated with the kids forming a circular shape. One child will be having a cup or glass of water. He has to walk around and say “duck, duck, duck” while he splashes water little by little on the head of the players. 

Once he reaches the player he wants to tag, he should yell, “Splash!” and he will be dumbing the water left from the cup on that player’s head. Then, the kid that was tagged will be chasing them around the circle to beat and put them back to their original spot. 

3. Water Gun Tagging 

This game is similar to the game, laser tag. There will be two teams competing and squirting the opponent team. The ultimate goal is to stay as dry as possible. You can play hide and seek in the water. The team that has the driest clothes will win. 

4. Water Relay 

This water relay game should split the little ones into 2 groups. Each group will get 2 buckets and one big sponge. They will fill the first bucket with water. Then, they must place it a few meters away from the empty container. In this game, the rule is that one player coming from both teams must take their sponge. He will be running down to fill the empty bucket using the sponge squeezed from the water-filled bucket. 

After the turn of the first player, the next one does the same thing and so on. The group with the most water-filled in the container is the winner. 

5. Slip and Slide 

Kids and some adults will surely love slip n’ slide. You can purchase these goods from local home stores for unbeatable summer fun in the water. All you need to do is to set these things up and slide away. Just let the track fill it with water. See who will slide the farthest. Then, slide yourself all the way reaching the end. 

6. The Glowing Pool 

Well, looking at the name of the game, it is best to play in the night time. Here, you will need glow sticks and an inflatable pool. If you have older kids and want to stay up a bit late, then you can go for this incredible game. You can do this in your backyard pool. All you have to do is to hop in, swim and pick the glow sticks one by one. 

Points to Ponder About Playing Outdoor Water Games 

We are living in a society that depends on high-technology. If you are a parent, it is up to you on whether you let your kids be closely enough with technology or you want them to befriend nature. Cautiously thinking about this matter will make you realize how essential and beneficial it is to see them unite with nature and set aside technology for a while. 

The Advantages of Playing Water Games

1. Development of Early Motor Skills 

Playing water games offers a lot of opportunities for children and teens to develop fine and gross motor skills. Kids are using their large muscles every time they paddle in the pools, lift buckets and fill them, and run through sprinklers. At the same time, they build endurance and strength while stimulating their internal body senses known as proprioception. This is crucial for body movement and position awareness for better coordination skills. 

2. Improving Imagination and Creativity 

These water games are very versatile. Here, you can bring in other kinds of toys and pieces of stuff such as cars, sponges, funnels, sticks, dolls, tea sets, etc. This activity has an endless possibility. It paves the way for creativity and imagination for children while giving them memorable experiences as they enjoy childhood. 

3. Language 

Parents are aware that conversing with children regardless of their age groups is an ideal step to encourage language development and boost their self-confidence. Playing through the water will build more opportunities for this objective.

4. Friends and Family Bonding 

Take advantage of the quality time you spend with your family members or friends. Outdoor water games make you get closer to one another which will help you create wonderful memories to cherish forever. A successful water play means longing for more times to enjoy games and explore other things with the same members. 

Final Thoughts

There are countless water games to play with your friends and family. We only mentioned some of the coolest ones. Plus, we make sure you will learn about organizing these games to guarantee safety, comfort and ultimate fun throughout the activities. 

These outdoor water games do not have to very expensive. It only takes the preparation of some cheap materials and knows the mechanics of the games to get started. 

Did you have fun learning about these wonderful outdoor pool games? If so, why don’t you share it with your friends and family members? You may also let us know about your opinion regarding this post. We will appreciate your effort in sharing your thoughts. 

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