Coolest Things to Do While Camping with Friends and Loved Ones

Things to Do While Camping with Friends

Wherever you build a campsite, you can have great fun and serious activities that will make lifetime memories. Camping gives a lot of opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy and establish stronger relationships with your family or friends. This is a fun experience that does not have to be too pricey. 

You do not need to take so many things with you to be entertained. You can stick to simple games and activities that will be perfect for teams or groups. So, we have prepared a list of the best things to do while camping. We also share some quick tips to make the most of this day. 

Different Ideas for Your Next Camping Activities

1. Water Activities 

Do your friends or relatives love playing in the water? Well, most probably, you have chosen a campground near the pool, lake or river. This time, you should have your swimwear packed in your bag to enjoy the following water activities: 

  • Lounging or floating
  • Fishing 
  • Kayaking or canoeing 
  • Diving 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Water volleyball
  • Boating 
  • Water skiing 
  • Water balloon fight 
  • Swimming 

You can also bring an inflatable pool. Just fill it with water and you can start with your fun games.

2. Sports Activities 

Again, some RV resorts and campgrounds do not have a complete set of amenities. If you are staying in a place with limited amenities, there are some cool ideas to stay enthusiastic: 

  • Ringtoss
  • Hiking 
  • Kickball 
  • Soccer
  • Corn hole 
  • Bikes
  • Baseball
  • Horseshoes 
  • Frisbee golf 
  • Capturing the flag
  • Hide and Seek 

3. Communing with Nature Activities 

 A big part of camping trips is about being united with nature. This is where you become closer and see many things around nature. You can stay outdoors with these activities: 

  • Catching fireflies 
  • Bird watching 
  • Geocaching
  • Nature gathering (flowers, pine cones, rocks, etc. 
  • Bug collecting 
  • Animal watching
  • Scavenger hunt

While doing these activities, you should always remember to be respectful of the areas you are visiting. Do not damage or disturb wildlife. 

4. Wind Down 

Staying very active all day is a crucial part of your camping trip. However, you should also enjoy the time to wind down. You should give your body and mind time to rest. If your main goal is to keep away from the stress from work or any personal concerns, here are some effective ways to enjoy and relax on a camping trip: 

  • A lot of nap time 
  • Listen to sounds produced by nature 
  • Stargazing 
  • Watching the trees 
  • Swinging in a hammock 
  • Daydreaming 
  • Experiencing the wind breeze

5.  Stuck in a Tent Activities 

There can be various reasons why you have to stay in the tent for long hours. It can be that your child is not feeling well or you just don’t feel like going out. Sometimes, even if it is the summer season, you will be experiencing rainy days. 

So, to stay active, you can do these activities: 

  • Card games 
  • Reading magazines and books 
  • Crafting like drawing, knitting or sewing 
  • Making up stories to tell to other campers 
  • Watching movies on your portable devices 
  • Board games 
  • Playing on electronic devices like Gameboys or iPads

6. Night Time Camping Activities 

Your camping trips do not end after the sunset. With a wide range of nighttime activities, you will have a perfect opportunity to let everybody experience both fun and thrill. Here are some suggestions to make: 

  • Playing flashlight tags 
  • Making shadow puppets
  • Singing campfire songs 
  • Releasing sky lanterns 
  • Midnight swimming 
  • Playing hide and seek 
  • Studying the stars 
  • Playing Truth or Dare 
  • Ghost storytelling 
  • Playing musical instruments like a guitar 
  • Making colored fire (Prepare pine cones and a few colored fire crystals. These are available in many camping supply shops.)

Camping Trips Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s admit it. Sleeping on the ground, gazing at the stars is not what we always imagine. There may be some dangers around especially if you are staying in a deserted place or in the middle of the forest. Choosing the right campsite and camping gear should be on the top of your list. 

This is the reason why it takes time to plan and prepare beforehand to ensure that you will have a smooth sailing activity. Your priority should be the health and safety of each camper. Check out this list of the things to do and not to do in preparing for your next camping trips. 


  1. To find the best camping gear and check their reviews online. There are portable showers, heated chairs, and cordless bug zapper sold that seem cool and high-tech, but do consider what type of camping trip you are planning. 
  2. Do produce an extra copy of your camping itinerary and leave it in your most trusted person at home. If there is an emergency, they can help immediately if they know where you have been staying at the moment. You should give your family or friends the details of your travels for them to know when you will go home. 
  3. Do check on the pet policy of the campground if you intend to bring your pet like a dog or a cat. Take note that there are national parks that prohibit pets. For some private and state campsite, they are requiring extra charges. 
  4. Do arrive at the campsite before nightfall. It can be quite complicated to set up your things amidst the darkness. Even for a seasoned camper, this can be so challenging as well. Your goal is to prepare ahead of time and make sure that the immediate surroundings are safe. Then, create a campfire for warmth and delicious foods. 
  5. Do partake in minimizing eco-footprints. Communion with nature is beneficial for you, you should be ecologically mindful. All you need to do is to not leave any trace of trash around. Also, do consider bringing a trash bag for the collection of your waste while you are using the campsite. 
  6. Do observe fire safety protocols all the time. Since your ultimate objective is to maintain clean, safe and comfortable surroundings, you must set a fire safety protocol. You can search for campfire safety guidelines and tips from reliable online sources. Before sleeping, you should not leave a pile of firewood burning before going to sleep. 


  1. Do not forget your camping essentials. Do create a list of the must-bring items including maps, compass, emergency equipment and of course, first-aid kit. Even though you are tempted to paring down your bag’s content, you cannot disregard some basic things. You may consider bringing gauze or bug spray just in case you encounter some troubles while taking on the trail. 
  2. Do not get stuck in your meal for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks. It only takes the right choice of equipment and some planning to get creative when it comes to campfire cooking. You can make pancakes or a variety of eggs. You can also prepare fish with vegetables or potatoes. 
  3. Don’t leave your foods unattended. Your campground must be cleaned up before hiking or going to sleep or elsewhere. Look at the posted signs around or you can check the campsite attendant or camp ranger regarding food safety. This way, you can get rid of undesirable animal encounters. There are campsites that are providing bear lockers to keep your foods. 

Final Words 

Now that we have provided the list of the best things to do while camping, you should hurry and try as many of them. There are more activities and games to do as you explore nature and share stories of anything under the sun! You can do these fun activities with your loved ones and awesome circle of friends.

But then again, you should not forget about the Dos and Don’ts of camping. Following these details carefully will save you from future problems. Bear in mind that you will not find a 24-hour convenience store or a hotel concierge in the campsite. Take some time to plan and organize everything before making decisions. 

Make sure to share your awesome adventures and fun experiences with us on social media accounts. Write down your comments below and see what others have in their minds, too. If you have learned and liked our post, feel free to share them with everybody. 

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