Every Traveler’s Guide to the Safest African Countries To Visit in 2020

Africa is blessed with beautiful nature and nice locals. You might have heard about wars in some of its countries, but you can stay in many safe countries. Just check out some of the details provided below. Use them as your guide as you fulfill your future travel goals and going to the safest cities in Africa.

7 Safe Countries to Visit In Africa

So, where can you stay with the utmost comfort and safety in Africa? See what we have for you:

1. Botswana

This country was a British Colony once and as soon as it gained its freedom, Botswana had a very steady democracy. As a result, it has become an ideal country for all travelers. Enjoying everything in this country is easy and safe. There is nothing to worry about going to a place because almost all the locals can speak English. When you stay in Botswana, you cannot miss the “mokoro” ride for an incredible canoeing experience.

Furthermore, you can also visit the natural habitats of elephants, hippos, and zebras. Watch their daily lives while in their respective areas.

2. Malawi

A few years ago, Malawi was not a nice country for foreigners. However, it slowly earned an economic boom and has a new-found government. And today, it is one of the best and safest African countries to visit. Many foreign adventurers visit rural areas to meet more local Malawian people. For them, it is one of the most remarkable experiences during their trip.

3. Seychelles

Another must-visit country in Africa is Seychelles which is known for its serene and breath-taking places. This country has converted most of its smaller islands into beautiful national parks. It is the government’s way to secure and maintain the country’s incredible beauty. At the same time, the travelers will witness these amazing creations right before their eyes.

4. Kenya

In the past years, Kenya remains a gem of Africa until the natural disasters and terrorism problems occur. But today, this country has overcome such major problems and they even improved their security systems not only for the locals but for the tourists as well. As you enter the vicinities of Kenya, you will be welcomed with bright smiles. Thus, it is a safe place to visit especially for solo travelers.

5. Madagascar

The country’s name, Madagascar, is extremely popular from all over the world because of its wildlife. There is an animated movie named after it which includes cute wildlife characters in there. What makes it an ideal place to visit is that Madagascar has good governance and policies.

6. Tanzania

For travelers who are searching for the friendliest and kindest country, they can go to Tanzania. They have this “Ujamaa”, or communisms, which can save this country form negative and horrible crimes. If you love thrill and adventure, visit Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa. This will surely give you amazing challenges especially if you have a brave heart.

7. Zambia

Zambia is an African country that features the Victoria Falls, belonging to the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Moreover, finding cheap accommodation is pretty easy. Tanzania has numerous budget hostels and hotels that are built around this beautiful sight as well as in some of the safest cities in Africa.

Although devious scams and petty crimes happen in this place, it does not have a record of violent crimes. This is the reason why it is one of the safest African countries you can visit in your future adventures.

What To Expect

Some of the safest African countries to visit may have differences in some aspects – culture, history, belief, and language. It means to say that they can give every traveler with unique experiences.

So, what are the things you should know or expect when you stay in the countries of this massive continent? Let us have a close look at the following details:

Central Africa

This region comprises the Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, South Sudan, Cameroon, the DRC, the Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and Central Africa Republic. Since they are generally politically instable, they are belong to African regions that are least visited.

Southern Africa

This region is the most ideal places for both local and international tourists. Southern Africa comprises Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini, Angola, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Other popular destinations in this region include Kruger National Park, Chobe National Park, Cape Town, Sossusvlei, and Victoria Falls.

Northern Africa

Northern Africa regions are made up of Tunisia, Egypt, Western Sahara, Algeria, Libya and Morocco. They speak Arabic as their main language while their dominant religion is Islam. This region is popular for having the most amazing natural wonders such as the Nile River, the Atlas Mountains, the Red Sea and the Sahara Desert.

Eastern Africa

This region is Africa’s home to the best safari destinations and wildlife sightings. When you travel to Tanzania or Kenya, you will be watching the Great Migration that you keep from July to September. You can also enjoy Mount Kilimanjaro by trekking its summit every year.

This region is comprised of Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles. These countries are perfect for short flights coming from the mainland. Thus, they are ideal for travelers searching for luxurious trips and off-the-grid adventures.

Western Africa

Ghana is the easiest place to visit when you travel in West Africa. This country is dubbed “Africa for Beginners”. Ghana takes pride of its beautiful beaches, impeccable surfing conditions, and a myriad of landscapes. If you want to know more about the Atlantic Slave Trade history, this is the best place to go.

Other well-renowned destinations are Cape Verde, Senegal, Benin and Gambia.

Take note of some conditions such as yellow fever and malaria. In the sub-Saharan African area, the threat is the yellow fever. Make sure you get a vaccination certificate. Otherwise, the country or the airline might deport you. In case of Malaria concerns, there are various countries with distinct strains. Consult with your physician and let him know where you will be going. This way, he will be able to prescribe the right medication.

Final Conclusion

Traveling to different cities and towns in Africa can be so much fun. Whether you are going solo, with a partner or with a group, you can save time and money if you follow the aforementioned tips. The key is to follow the traveler’s guide we have provided and see how far you can go.

Did you learn a lot from this post? Now, you know the countries to visit in Africa and the guide to a money-saving, safe and comfortable trip. This time, please feel free to tell us about your thoughts about the information provided above. Do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones, too

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