Safest Countries in Africa: Here Are The Top 10 Countries In The List 

Traveling to other countries can be challenging especially for solo travelers. There are many important considerations to make. Whether you are going with a group, a partner or solo, the key is to research the place you are going to visit. This is to ensure not only your safety and comfort, but it is a way to respect and abide by the rules of a particular country. 

Are you planning to travel to Africa and some of its countries? Of course, you want to go somewhere that is safe and peaceful. So, here are the top 10 safest countries in Africa that you can visit on your next trips or getaways:

Best Countries to Visit in Africa 

1. Tanzania 

This country is popular in the tourism industry. It is the home of safari companies that offer pleasant trips to various places within the country. Tanzania is also politically stable, one of the reasons why it is safe for tourists. 

It is the country known for a variety of game parks that are protected by security measures. These have been set up by the Tanzanian government. 

2. Madagascar 

Madagascar is at the heart of the Indian Ocean. This place is perfect for getaways because of the Fauna and flora located on its island. You will see a lot of beautiful landscapes, beaches, and baobabs within this country. Furthermore, it has a good track record in terms of tourism safety and security. And of course, you will enjoy the locals’ good hospitality wherever you go in its cities. 

3. Senegal 

Senegal is a country situated on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast. It has been known for having the most hospitable citizens across Africa. What’s more, it has tight security making it one of the ideal and safest countries in Africa. There is nothing to worry about crimes. Other remarkable spots to see are the Lake Retba, the monument of the African Renaissance and Touba’s Great Mosque. 

4. Morocco 

Known for being politically stable, Morocco has never faced wars, unlike its Northern African counterparts. Moroccans are also known for their hospitality. If you love shopping, this country is perfect for a visit. You will surely appreciate and enjoy its largest bazaars. 

You can visit this country between April and May or September and October. This way, you can get rid of scorching heat. 

5. Ghana 

The government of Ghana has spent a big amount on the tourism sectors. They want to ensure that the country will be secured and easy to access by the visitors without worrying about their safety. For many decades, locals have been hospitable and open to all tourists. They can swim at different beaches and appreciate their wildlife by visiting various parks. 

6. Mozambique 

Mozambique can be found in the southern part of Africa. You will not hear someone being grumpy about its safety. This place offers a sort of activity that adventurers will love such as relaxing on the beaches, riding in the wild, or bird watching. 

What tourists like about this country is that its tourism sector is highly functional while the tourists are very safe with security measures strictly implemented. 

7. South Africa 

Known as a multi-cultural country, South Africa is dubbed as a Rainbow County. Tourists have countless options to do and go such as Cape Town. If you like to be with nature, you can have bird watching, relaxing at the beaches, and walking along the coasts. South Africa has a diverse culture and one of the safest countries to visit in the continent. 

8. Benin 

Benin belongs to the few countries in Africa with people who remain loyal to their traditions. What makes this country so remarkable is the written history in the ruins of its palaces during the Dahomey Kingdom. This can be found as you enter the country. 

As you stay in this place, you will meet a lot of nice locals. You can safely visit cultural sites and public parks. Many people also believe that it is where rituals and voodoo magic have been originated. 

9. Zambia 

Dubbed as the heart of Africa, Zambia is one of the best countries to visit because it brings peace, safety, and security to the locals and tourists. As a visitor, you will receive hospitality from the locals. At the same time, it is also politically secured. Aside from cultural diversity, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and try nature activities. 

10. Namibia 

With a vast desert feature, the country of Namibia is known to have less population unlike other countries in Africa. It offers a myriad of scenic spots that are perfect for different activities. These include sky diving, quad biking, biking, and birding. 

Although it is known for being politically stable and crime-free, t is important to consider safety precautions as you go to cities and places in Namibia. 

Traveling Tips for Solo Travelers 

Even if you are all alone, it should not stop you from rewarding yourself with the best experiences by traveling to different places. Africa has a lot of good memories to offer. This continent will help you enjoy many scenic spots, unforgettable places, and nice people. This is where you get to encounter wild animals, friendly communities, wide landscape and unique cultures in one place. 

So, what are the things you need to pack when traveling solo? All the things you should bring must be the most necessary ones if you want to minimize space in your bags. 

Travel Money and Documents 

  1. Passport (with required updated visas)
  2. Paper and pen 
  3. Travel insurance 
  4. Money belt (if you are traveling to an unsafe country)
  5. International driver’s license (if necessary) 
  6. Wallet (with cash and at least 2 credit cards or debits, in case one failed to work)
  7. Vaccinations certificate cards (if needed)

Travel Clothing 

  1. Cotton shirts 
  2. Foldable raincoat 
  3. Fleece, warm coat or jacket 
  4. A nice top 
  5. A bikini or swimsuit 
  6. Shorts or skirt 
  7. Stylish, comfy and versatile dress 
  8. Two pairs of socks 
  9. Flip flops 
  10. 3 to 4 pieces of undergarments 
  11. Sunglasses 
  12. Snow clothing or waterproof clothing (if needed) 
  13. Beanie or hat 
  14. Flats 
  15. Hiking shoes 

Most of these things depend may depend on the kind of place you are going to visit. If you are visiting any country in Africa, you can eliminate the things that have something to do with snow. Prepare and brings clothes that are easy to way, dry quickly, long-lasting and basic color clothes. 

Travel Gadgets 

  1. Camera 
  2. Laptop with a laptop case 
  3. Smartphone 
  4. Tablet
  5. Multiple sockets 
  6. Chargers
  7. Memory cards
  8. Cleaning wipes
  9. Spare batteries 
  10. A small water-resistant camera

Health and Personal Hygiene Kit 

  1. Lip balm 
  2. Tiny scissors
  3. First aid kit
  4. Medicines 
  5. Toiletries (should be less than 100 mL only)
  6. Insect repellent (should be less than 100 mL only)
  7. Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  8. Comb
  9. Razors
  10. Hair straightener or hairdryer
  11. Mini towel
  12. Tampons or sanitary towels (for ladies)

Travel Accessories 

  1. Travel towel 
  2. Mini sewing kit
  3. Headphones
  4. Eye mask 
  5. Sleeping bag (lightweight)
  6. Earplugs
  7. Lighter
  8. Tent
  9. Flashlight 
  10. Travel pillow 

Make sure you create a checklist of the most important things you need to bring. Plan your itinerary ahead of time so you can save money and time. You must research the place you wish to visit. This way, you can prepare enough amount for the travel expenses and make the most of your journey. 

Final Conclusion 

Africa is a great continent and it is blessed by abundant nature which can be found in its different countries. Although we hear a lot of news about endless wars in it, it does not mean that each country is plagued. These countries we have enumerated above will prove that many hospitable people will welcome us when we visit them. 

Do you think this article is helpful? Looking at the list of the important things to bring when traveling, what else did we miss? Please let us know your thoughts. You can comment with your opinion and let others share theirs, too, for a great conversation. 

Do not forget to share this post on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Let others be informed especially those who are planning to travel to Africa for the first time. 

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