Tired of Losing Important Items? Get yourself a Pickpocket Proof Wallet from This List

Our team tested various anti-theft wallets on the market and used the findings to create this comprehensive review. If you are looking for a pickpocket proof wallet, you will definitely find one from this list.

While they come with highly enhanced safety technologies, you won’t spend an arm and a leg to afford them. Let me take you through the list.

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1. Modoker Smart Tracking Cowhide Leather Bifold Wallet

Modoker Smart Tracking Cowhide Bifold wallet is primarily created for men wanting to keep their items safe. It is a high-quality product that is entirely made from cowhide leather. It is a wallet that you will use for many years to come without getting worn even if you use it daily.

Do you have extra items that need safekeeping? This wallet comes with up to four pocket slots for those items you value so much.

They include 1 main-pocket, 1 ID-Display Window, 1 Secondary-pocket featuring 2-way anti-tracking, and lost system. The system uses a downloadable app known as Bseek and is available on Google-Play store.

I believe you need the two-way anti-lost system because it lets you create strong connection between the wallet and your Smartphone. 

It also comes with integrated features like Location-Record, Smart-Find, Smart LED Light, Voice-Record, and Multi-Function controls that make you have a pleasurable time using this wallet.

It is amazing that this wallet can be fully recharged within two hours, which makes it highly convenient to use, especially when you don’t have too much time in your hands. The fact that the charge can last up to two months even makes it better compared to other wallets.

The high-quality leather with which it is made feels soft and comfortable to carry around. Besides being extremely breathable, it has a natural grain texture. This makes it a wonderful gift for men.

This wallet features leather that retains its original toughness and imperfections. You will not observe any splitting or alteration even when you touch the surface of the wallet. You will realize that the surface feels so soft, which further explains the quality of the leather.

I like that this product comes in multiple colors, so you can choose what suits you best. It provides an affordable way to keep your important items safe.


  • Made of high-quality Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Features a 2-way Anti-Lost and Tracking system
  • Comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that lasts two months on a full charge


  • Product only shift to select locations 
  • The connection gets interrupted easily

2. Toupuke Genuine Leather Wallet With Bluetooth and Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Selfie

Toupuke is one leather wallet that was designed and created with your needs in mind. It is a pickpocket proof wallet that comes with enhanced technology to let you connect your Smartphone through a downloadable app.

The product comes with a unique credit card holder slot alongside a cash-pocket to let you carry your personal items safely.

The wallet has a Bluetooth unit located inside the leather cover and is perfectly sealed. Its electric board is extremely thin, and you might not even feel it with your hands. This makes the wallet to feel comfortable and very easy to carry around.

The wallet comes in colors red, pink, and black-brown. There are designs for both women and men looking for an affordable anti-lost wallet. The application is available for Android 4.3 and IOS7.0. 

With this wallet, there is no wasting time. You will only need a maximum of two hours to get it fully charged. Once it is charged, you can use it for two months before you need to recharge it. This makes it a nice wallet, even for long-distance travelers.

It has enough space to keep your MasterCard, Passport, and government-issued ID card safely. You don’t have to worry about having enough space to store all your belongings. 

The wallet has multiple pockets that are well-positioned to ensure that your essential items are arranged well.

The other cool feature of this wallet is the Anti-Theft and Anti-Lost selfie function that you can easily control via the phone app. It is also made of a lightweight material that makes it easily portable. 

When trying this wallet, I realized that it feels very smooth and comes in handy when you want to access your documents fast. To achieve this, you want to keep your cards in separate pockets and at least try to know where you have put each one of them.


  • Very lightweight and easily portable
  • The money pocket is wide enough 
  • Made from high-quality leather


  • Its connectivity can be easily interrupted
  • The battery should last longer

3. Bryker Hyde RFID-Blocking Slim Minimalist Front-Pocket Wallet

Bryder hide is best described as a slim minimalist front wallet. It is well equipped with an RFID blocking technology to prevent hackers from scanning and skimming your personal information.

The blocking technology utilizes a blend of composite metals. This blend blocks high and low frequencies from between 125 kHz and 10 MHz up to 3000 MHz signals.

It has a technology that crafts a firewall that cannot be broken by thieves. While using this wallet, your important information will not be accessed without your knowledge, which makes it a nice gadget to store your documents.

This affordable wallet is handcrafted using fine full-grain distressed leather. This is why the item has an attractive natural appearance. It comes in a compact design to ensure that you get a comfortable back and front pocket wear.

Ever owned a smart wallet that has up to eight card pockets? Well, this might be your only chance to own one. All of the eight pockets are strategically placed in the wallet to ensure that you remain as organized as possible.

It also comes with one money clip and an I-D window. It comes in a wide range of colors. Therefore, you can comfortably order one that suits you best.

The ezthumb hole has been tested to suit all global currencies, which makes this wallet travel-friendly. If you have been looking for a smart pickpocket-proof wallet, then you can give this one a try.

It is made from extremely lightweight material so that you can carry it around with ease. This wallet will perfectly protect your documents from unwanted BLE and RFID NFC scan.

Whether you like to stay at home or you are a frequent traveler, you are going to need to keep your items safely. This wallet comes with technology that combines well with security.

Despite your location, you will be able to keep your cards and currency bills safely from unexpected thieves.


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around 
  • Multiple slots for keeping a wide range of documents
  • High-quality leather makes it durable


  • No Bluetooth connectivity 
  • A bit small in size

4. Modoker Smart Tracking Long-Bifold Wallet for Women and Men

This is a smart tracking wallet that features a long bifold design. This design makes it a perfect wallet for both males and females.

I learned that this smart wallet features a two-way tracking and anti-lost system through a connection with your phone. There is a free application that lets you take control of your wallet remotely. 

With the free application, you will be reminded the last time your wallet was seen and where it happened. On the other hand, this smart wallet comes with at least eight slots to keep your belongings.

It comes with an ID-display window alongside 3-note compartments so that you can store your money, cards, and the rest of your small items.

It is made of full-grain leather material to make it highly durable and elegant. The wallet comes in a wide range of colors, so you can pick one that best suits your style.

The item is rechargeable, and you only need two hours to do so. On a full charge, you will use the wallet for up to two months before you need to charge it again.

This is a perfect wallet for both travelers and individuals that just want to hang around. You can easily store your items in one of the many slots where you will access them easily.

The currency pocket is wide enough and has been tested to fit any currency worldwide.

Some thieves are tech-savvy. Therefore, not all of them will come to snatch your items physically. They carry small scanners that they use to scan and steal important details from you.

This is why you need a smart wallet like this one. It comes with an RFID-blocking card to ensure that your important details are safe wherever you go. I would recommend you pick the right color that would suit your style.


  • It is a smart anti-lost and tracking wallet
  • Features a full-grain leather material
  • Only recharge in two hours and retains the charge for up to two months


  • Not very easily affordable
  • Might not ship to certain locations 

5. Travendo Money-Clip HOUSTON Mens Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology 

This wallet is specifically created for men looking for both safety and style. It comes with RFID Blocking Technology to prevent savvy thieves that employ electronic pick-pocketing techniques.

It features a minimalist and slim design that enhances easy fitting into the pockets. This wallet has five card pockets that include 4 inner pockets, 1 easy-access front pocket.

The inner pockets are ideal for keeping your business cards. Debit cards, credit cards, and bills. There is an integrated outside notch that lets you push out the cards easily.

It comes with an RFID blocking insulation to prevent tech-savvy pick-pocketing and possible identity theft of your credit cards.

Most pockets in this wallet are RFID protected, which means you are 100% safe as long as you are using it to carry your items around. It has an integrated money-clip that lets you keep several bills in the wallet.

If you are looking for a wallet that is made from premium materials, then you should consider this high-end yet affordable product.

The materials are crafted in the best way possible so that it achieves a quality, yet elegant appearance. Its compact design lets it fit easily inside your pockets.

This is the best quality you can get on the market. It is crafted from carefully selected quality materials that are well utilized to achieve the best quality.

I tried to use this wallet, and I had no problem fitting it in my pocket. It never bulged, which made me even like it more.

Many clients have tested all of these products in western countries. German quality control institute has also taken part in testing them for quality. This wallet blocks 13.56 MHz, which is the most commonly used band.

The product also comes in a fancy gift packaging, which might make it a perfect present.


  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Might make a great gift due to luxurious packaging
  • One of the most affordable pickpocket proof wallets
  • Comes in a highly durable compact design 


  • Might not be durable enough
  • The pockets might not be enough


Have you enjoyed reading this comprehensive review? I hope it helps you select the best pickpocket proof wallet to buy in 2020. Most of the products listed in the piece have unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

However, manufacturers keep coming with new designs. Therefore, you can let us know in the comment section in case there is something we need to update. Otherwise, we believe that this is one of the most

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