4 Spots for A Perfect Nightlife in Puerto Plata to Include in Your Bucket List

Whatever mood you are having at the moment, Puerto Plata has everything that suits you. Feel good by going to luxury bars and dance spots. Here, you can spend time for seaside fun and cigar lounges. Do you love music? Nightlife in Puerto Plata is the best way to escape from all bad vibes you are experiencing. 

Altogether, let’s check what else we can have in this beautiful place.

Puerto Plata’s Nightlife: What Is It Like?

Imagine yourself walking on the streets of Puerto Plata and discovering something that will give you a memorable nightlife. This place may have a Las Vegas style but your memories here will still be saying, Puerto Plata. 

It is casinos that dominate Puerto Plata’s night and the Caribbean pokers as well. However, there is more to offer. You will find a plethora of bars, pubs and dance clubs. You can relax after a day full of activities. This is your home to entertainment with a variety of choices for you. 

What’s more, you will have a popular traditional table and electronic games. Games like Mistress of Egypt and Deal or No Deal will make you forget all the stressful thoughts in your mind. 

What else? Transportation and accommodation are not a big problem. If you are in Puerto Plata, there are cheap car rental and transportation services you can find everywhere. Staying in hotels and apartments are also cheap and convenient. What you need to do is to make a wise selection to have a good time with friends and loved ones in this awesome place.

What You Cannot Eat or Drink in Puerto Plata? 

We have searched and gathered all the details provided by tourists and locals of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Thus, we are confident that we are providing you with accurate and real information. 

You cannot drink tap water. Although it is purified, it does not reach the drinking standards. Even Dominicans cannot drink tap water. Ice in most resorts is often purified and sold in bags. 

The first rule when visiting this place is to eat some hot foods at 69C and beyond. However, if you can still hold on to the food container and keep it for a few seconds, then their foods are not too hot. This means that bacteria can grow every ten minutes. With buffet restaurants, they have an efficient way to display and hold food. However, warm foods that are exposed for hours may cause a threat to health. 

If possible, consume coconut and pineapple juice moderately. They serve as laxatives. 

Where To Go In Puerto Plata for Fun Nights? 

  • La Barrica 

Looking for an authentic bar experience on an island? La Barrica is the place to go. The party usually starts at 11 p.m. It is the time when the Caribbean and Latin beats start to play which makes dancing irresistible. It is located 1 mile southwest of downtown Puerto Plata. 

  • Grand Paradise Playa Dorada 

This casino is located at Playa Dorada, the southeast part of the Central Puerto Plata. This place lets you experience many ways to enjoy the lovely waterside location. Such a vacation spot is providing a wide variety of recreational activities for all ages. 

The best part of staying in Grand Paradise Playa Dorada also offers live entertainment every day. What’s more, you can also various bars with the best bartenders serving up your favorites. 

  • ICE Nightclub Puerto Plata 

After a long day, you can unwind in ICE Nightclub. As the resort begins to light up, the fun night entertainment also starts with lively music. Bring it on! Talk and dance with locals and other tourists in such a nice location. The awesome electric lights and fantastic music will keep you partying all night. 

The ICE Night Club here in Puerto Plata brings entertainment options. If you love to sing, dance or laugh, you will have many diversions to choose from.  

  • Big Lee Beach Bar 

Many people like to come to Malecon Boulevard in Puerto Plata. But aside from enjoying the stunning sunset and the refreshing breeze, they also go for incredible music. You can listen to songs from the 70s to 90s, Caribbean rhythms, an American classic, rock music, and international charts. 

Furthermore, you can taste the delicious snacks like grilled cheese, hamburgers, chips and fish. They also have karaoke nights. The Big Lee’s Beach Bar is perfect for all kinds of travelers and cruise line visitors making it one of the best bars in this place. 

Quick Facts About Puerto Plata 

  1.  Dish: chicken and rice stew (Asopao de Pollo)
  2. Popular snack: Fried pork rind (chicarron de cerdo)
  3. Popular Street Food: chimichurris (a sandwich filled with ground pork or beef, ketchup, cabbage, mayonnaise, and tomatoes) 
  4. National Dish: La Bandera (refers to their flag; composed of stewed meat, crispy fried plantain called tostones, white rice, salad, and red beans)
  5. Coffee: They have the Dominican coffee (very strong and black)
  6. Mamajuana: a potent drink made of herbs (from cured tree barks and then soaked in red wine, rum, and honey) 
  7. Popular Desserts: There are 2 famous desserts in Puerto Plata. One is the majarete, comprised of coconut milk and sweet corn pudding with nutmeg and cinnamon. Second, Tres leches, a sponge cake which is soaked in heavy cream and condensed milk. 
  8. Tipping: Restaurant and hotel bills often include a 10 percent charge. Of course, they have an 18 percent tax in most items and services. You can give additional tips as your way of appreciation for their good services. 

Final Thoughts 

Start planning your next trip to Puerto Plata and bring your friends or loved ones. Create the most beautiful memories and explore more of its rich culture, tradition, and history. 

What did you learn in the information we have shared with you? Please let us know by giving us your comments. Write them down below. Do not hesitate to help and inform others about Puerto Plata by posting it on your social media accounts. 

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