Best Kids Camping Games Tips and Ideas Every Parent Should Know

Summer is probably the best time of the year because of the special fun it brings to people of all ages. It is the season when we are fulfilling our plans for getaways, travel to different places we have never been before, meet new friends and loved ones, and so on. 

However, it does not have to be too expensive. Well, if you have kids, you are probably thinking of giving them memorable experiences. So, preparing for amazing kids camping games will be a cool thing to do. 

Here are some of the kids camping game ideas you can consider while on the campground. Plus, we have provided tips on planning and organizing camping activities with your kids to make your trips awesome. 

Top 7 Camping Games Your Little Ones Will Love 

Whether it is summer or any ordinary free day or week, you can plan for a camping trip with your family and children. It is an opportunity to make them forget about their gadgets in the meantime. Make this happen as you ban items such as mobile phones, video games, tablets, or iPod. 

Tell them and make them understand the purpose of this trip, your rules, and other important considerations they should make while on the campsite. Explain that this is about reconnecting with nature and of course, with one another. 

Here are the games you can prepare for the kids and the whole family: 

1. Camping Olympics 

This kids’ camping game idea can be done through relays, long jumps on the sandy beach, or swimming competitions. You can also have a tug of wars by dividing yourselves into two teams. All you need is a long rope and you just have to pull the competing team on the other side with the help of your teammates. 

Furthermore, you can keep it light with the younger kids with something not-so-athletic kinds of games. You can encourage them to balance in a tree while posing and skipping stones. 

2. Cloud Watching 

One great idea to do is to grab a blanket and spread it out. Find a shady place and lay down with your kids while staring up at the clear sky. You can play “I Spy”. You start by saying “I spy with my eyes something that is…” You can look for a cat, an apple, a heart shape, bear, or anything that the cloud resembles. 

3. Rainy Day Trips 

You always imagine going on a camping trip on a sunny day. But, you ended up walking in the rain, seeing clouds, or drizzles. If the weather condition is not too severe, why don’t you just play in the rain? Make sure that everyone has extra footwear, socks, and clothes. 

You can walk through the muddy path and the woods. You can do something fun that will make you forget the cold rainwater touching your face and skin. 

4. Scavenger Hunt 

Most children like scavenger hunts. If you are staying outdoors, this is a perfect time to do so. You can ask the kids to collect different objects such as maples, snail shells, colorful stones, pine needles, oak leaves, pine cones, etc. 

You can give them a camera and have a photo scavenger hunting activity. Everyone should stay with their respective groups or assigned partner. They can use a watch or a compass. Instead of using plastic bags in storing their findings, let them use cloth bags. There must be clipboards of small sizes with pencils or pens attached for tracking the checklists. 

The unsuccessful team will be the one to prepare the food at night. Or, you can think of any punishment that will make your night filled with laughter. 

5. Story Contests 

Children are naturally great story-tellers. And of course, you will seriously be amazed hearing your spouse or your teenage kids make up incredible tales. They will even make fun of it while sharing their stories. 

On the other hand, you can simply recall family folklore. Kids love to hear old stories from their parents or grandparents. If you cannot think of anything, you can share some anecdotes when they were still toddlers or babies. 

Furthermore, let your kids play some story games. Begin with saying a sentence and the next member continues it. 

6. Nature Guidebook 

If you are in nature, you should be curious about nature. Children like to learn new names of animals and plants around them. Prepare a logbook to make a comparison of any natural finds you bump into different places. 

7. Crafts 

Before you take the trip to the campsite, bring the following objects with you – paper, markers, glue, and scissors. Every child should have this kit. You can draw objects you see in nature. Then, make a journal of your camping trip. You can also create art pieces with any objects such as sand, leaves, shells or pine cones. 

Now that you have learned some awesome kids camping games for your family and kids, we want you to note down some important details about organizing safe and fun camping tips. 

Preparing Easy Meal on a Camp Trip 

Every time you go on a camping trip with kids, your goal should be focused on keeping kid-friendly meals that are simple and easy to prepare. Check out some of the ideas to prepare: 

  1. Banana S’mores and Nutella – You only need a peanut butter cookie sandwich. Add roasted marshmallow, Nutella and banana. 
  2. Popcorn Satchels on Campfire – You only need 2 main ingredients for a great campfire treat. Create a small tinfoil bag string and just hang this over your campfire. In just a few minutes, you get tasty popcorn for everybody. 
  3. Hobo Hamburger – This dinner does need only a few ingredients. But they sure look good. You can prepare these hamburgers before going to the campground. 
  4. Banana Boats – Make sure you have spoons to enjoy eating these campfire meals. They can be customized for the little campers. 
  5. Campfire Cones – Turn chocolate, marshmallow and peanut butter into something creative and tasty when added to the warmed ice cream cone. 
  6. S’mores Trail Mix – It only takes three ingredients to keep you going in the night. 
  7. Orange Cinnamon Rolls – You can buy cinnamon rolls from the store and wrap them in oranges. Then, you can roast it on a campfire. This means that the oranges will be safe from the flame, infusing citrus scent. 
  8. Monkey Bread on the Campfire – This is a pull-apart monkey bread which is often cooked in the dutch oven the coals. 
  9. Omelet – You can let the kids make and design their versions of an omelet. 
  10. Camping Pizza – Many kids like to eat pizza. Find the best variation of pizza recipes online and prepare the ingredients quickly. 

These are only 10 of the ideal meals to prepare while on a camping trip with your family. If you want to learn more, you can search online and get complete recipes from experts. 

Great Packing Ideas When Camping With Little Ones 

Have you been always forgetting something when you go on a trip? Going on camping with kids means that you have to bring the most important things. This is the reason why you should plan, prepare and pack your things ahead of time. 

To keep you guided, here are some tips when packing and preparing your things for camping activities: 

  1. Create and check a camping checklist. See to it that you will not forget even one thing for your camping trip. You can search online from reliable sources such as whichoffers a printable checklist for free. 
  2. Organize your things. Packing your things in an organized way does not only make finding what you need quick and easy. It also saves space in your bags which helps you to keep more things. 
  3. Water Backpack – Each time you camp with kids, you usually consider day hikes. Hiking is a great camping activity you can do with the little ones. Make sure that they have their water carried on their bags. 
  4. Improvised Shoe Cover – Expect that your kids will get dirty even before you leave your place. Thus, make sure that you have shower caps that will cover their shoes. This way, your car, bags, and other things will not get dirty. 

Your priority is to keep them safe, healthy and comfortable when you are outdoors. Plan carefully your next camping trips and prepare the most necessary things your kids and your whole family needs during the trip. This way, you can guarantee a memorable and fun-filled camping game that everyone will surely treasure as they grow up. 

Final Conclusion

Kids camping games are very beneficial not only in physical aspects but also in emotional, mental, psychological and social ones. You can do better when it comes to preparing creative kinds of stuff for your little angels. 

If you want to learn more, make sure that you will be asking from the trusted and experienced persons in camping activities. If you do not know any, you can just grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Then, research for more tips from different websites. This is an ideal way of getting the right information for your next trips. 

What can you say about the details provided above? Did you like them? If so, please let us know your thoughts about this post. You may also share this information with your family and friends to help them enjoy these fun camping games. 

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