How To Organize Summer Camp Games Successfully In 7 Easy Steps

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons that many people all over the world are waiting for in a year. This is a great bonding time for friends and families. At the same time, it is a chance to forget about the stressful work even in the meantime.

Whenever we mention this word, many things come into our minds. Some of them can be the swimming pool, outdoor adventures, playtime with buddies, meeting old friends and new people, and eating ice cold and sweet desserts. And of course, there are more amazing activities to enjoy such as summer camp.

Camping has been an interesting thing to do. It brings a lot of benefits in all aspects of our lives – physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and even spiritual. Well, this activity will not be complete without summer camp games.

Whether it is outdoors or indoors, you have a lot of options for these summer camping games. The main goal of camps is to establish a better future and build a strong community for kids as they learn various life skills. But nowadays, there are already adult camping activities that aim to help them reflect on their personal lives while establishing a good relationship with other campers.

So, let us first discuss how to organize your very first summer camp before proceeding to the list of games you can play later.

Steps in Organizing Your Summer Camp Games

1. The Age Bracket And The Gender

The first thing to decide on when you are trying to organize your summer camp and the games is the age group of the participants. More than this aspect, you should consider the gender of your target. You can have participants as kids, teens or adults. It is up to you if you prefer all males only, all females only, or a combination of both genders.

It is best to organize summer camps that are correlative to your field of specialty. For example, if you are a photographer, you should focus on summer camp activities that have something to do with this profession. If you are a dance instructor or a sports and fitness coach, then think of focusing on any of these fields.

This way, it will be easier for you to manage the things you like. At the same time, you can easily think of brilliant ideas that will help a lot to your camp and the participants.

2. Create A Good Structure

After deciding on the gender and age group for your summer camp, the next step to take is to create a structure for your camp for at least 2 months. Let me give an example. You may come up with 2 monthly summer camps or simply divide the structure into eight (8) weekly camps. The latter’s advantage is that you let more people and let them decide on the most convenient weeks for them. This is highly beneficial for parents and kids who are looking for a perfect way to enjoy summer.

3. Fair Pricing

Your price rate is crucial. It can make the potential participants enroll and register in your summer camp program or it can draw them away. The key is to set fair pricing in every type of program you wish to implement. Expenses may cover buying equipment, renting out spaces, and drinks and foods. Make sure you learn how to evaluate your price rate in a bigger picture. Check if your budget would allow providing and including a particular activity, program or facility.

Here is a sample on how to compute the amount of registration or total expenses per camper:

Total Expenses/Total Number of Participants = Price for Each Camper

After identifying the cost, you should make the total pricing for each camper at least 10 percent + cost of the camper. The additional 10% is for your profit. Just keep it based on your requirements.

4. Consider Pre-Bookings

This time, you have your schedule and structure for the camp. The next thing to do is to take pre-bookings. Do this early as possible. However, if you have not yet done this, there is nothing to worry about. You have numerous ways to take these pre-bookings. You may use the easiest payment methods such as PayPal. Then, let the parents or the adult participant transfer money as per requirement.

Moreover, it would be better to build your website. Turn your web visitors into potential and repeat customers after satisfactory services. You may also consider taking pre-payments online.

5. Remind and Notify the Parents or the Participants

In this part, you should not forget to write to the parents of the kid participants and update them with the progress of their transaction with you online. You may also write to them regarding your camp. You can send them through emails and other similar platforms that send letters quickly and conveniently.

6. Be Creative

As you progress with building your summer camp, you should start creating a whole-day schedule which includes fun summer camp games for your campers. You may include storytelling sessions for kids, swimming, painting, etc.

7. The Rewards

If your campers are mostly kids, the more that you should give back the credits to them in the form of tokens. For every completed camp program successfully, they should receive a reward that will make them feel happier. When you organize a competition, they should receive rewards. In each contribution, either small or big is always appreciated. You can also invite the parents and help the campers perform before they finally end the program.

Top Categories For Summer Camp Games You Can Try

Would you ever believe that are hundreds of camp games to choose from? Yes, you’ve read it right. All you need to do is gather them and choose which one suits you best. From kids to teens to adult categories, you got incredible choices that will never make you feel bored.

So, let us have today the top categories for summer camp games. Use this as your guide in creating or researching for fun and cool games that your campers will surely love.

1. Cooperative Games

These categories are best to encourage team building on the group. They encourage other campers who are used to non-competitive activities and those that are likely known as cerebral games to participate. These activities offer amazing challenges that call for communicating, planning and thinking.

2. Activities with Videos

You will find a huge collection of composed videos which have been professionally made. They are available online and they let the viewers learn while watching fun camp games. There will be guest facilitators who will be sharing their perspectives and styles on these leading games.

3. High Activity Fun Games

Keep the campers get moving. In this category, the campers can roll, run, be loud and stay enthusiastic throughout the activities. There are so many options to choose from especially for kids and teens.

4. One With Nature

Since you are establishing a summer camp, it is a perfect opportunity for everybody to enjoy outdoors while they learn something. In these games, there will be nature programs that lead to fun and educational activities.

5. Rainy Day Games

In this summer camp game category, you might have experienced heavy dew or a rainy day in the summer season. Well, it happens. However, there is nothing to feel bad at all. You can play as many indoor games as you like. They generally require limited spaces and they help the campers use their brilliant minds.

6. Water Games

This is a perfect category for summer camp games that kids and adults will love. Since it is pretty hot, these water activities will cool you down. You can play with a hose, a sprinkler or swim in the pool.

7. Sporty Games

These types of games are skill-based and competitive for those who are sports-minded campers. They can be modified as competitive and non-competitive as everybody agrees. The campers will certainly make a score or not. To make it more fun, why don’t you turn it into a tournament game? You have tons of options for these sports-oriented games that people of all ages will appreciate.


Developing great summer camps provides various benefits not only to you but also to other people. Today, many people have been indulged in the use of the gadget, social media, and technology that prevent them from appreciating the beauty of nature and their lives.

With these tips and summer camp games ideas, you can start with your plans. Bear in mind all the details provided below to get the best results in the future.

If you like the information shared in this post, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. For comments and suggestions, you can write them down in the box provided below and see how others share their ideas, too.

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