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How Escape Room Made Me a Better Traveler?

How Escape Room Made Me a Better Traveler?

I never realized how fun and thrilling playing an escape room game could be until I tried one out for myself! I had often heard my friends talking about how much they had as they played an escape room game together. So, this time it decided to try out an escape game and find out what the fuss was about.  

I had merely stepped inside the Clue Chase escape rooms and almost instantly could anticipate the thrill awaiting my arrival…Playing the escape room game almost turned my world upside down, for it made me realize how even games can help you learn several things!  

Now, I often travel to different places to try out the escape rooms in that city. Playing these immersive and engaging games has become a hobby to me over the past few years. So, in this article, I will share my insights about how these escape rooms have made me a better traveler.   

I was delving deep into the trenches of the unknown! 

Escape rooms are about pulling you out of your real-life circumstances and immersing you in a new world. They place players in an artificial, make-believe situation that has no connections whatsoever with their everyday life. Similarly, if you give it a thought, what is traveling about, if not just another way to escape the mundaneness of your daily life? 

So, now, if you put escape rooms side-by-side with traveling, you will see that both these experiences seek to offer you an adventure detached from your life. They make you delve deep inside worlds and places that you haven’t yet explored or excavated. Often, they even seek to bring you outside your comfort zone and make you experience something outside it!  

So, in short, both escape rooms and traveling seek to help you embrace the unknown with open arms. Just as a traveler who doesn’t know the local language tries to explore unknown lanes, similarly, inside the escape rooms, players also look for hidden clues and riddles! 

The tale of shared tragedies 

Are you one of those people who were never really good with puzzles? Did you always find it hard to rake your brain and solve a good mystery in time back in school? Have you ever realized that if you break down these puzzles and look at them one section at a time, they can be much easier to solve? No matter where you go or what you do in life, puzzles are never really leaving your side.  

Escape rooms are just one game that is all about the intriguing puzzles and riddles players need to solve under specific time constraints. Put inside unfamiliar surroundings and unknown corners of a room, in these games, the key to victory lies essentially in solving the puzzles.  

Similarly, when it comes to traveling, you can often come face-to-face with different puzzling situations that may keep you at a loss, unable to decide what to do. Your luggage may remain stuck in baggage claim; you may find it increasingly difficult to communicate with people where you have traveled or something else. There are endless problems that any traveler may face when they travel to unknown places.  

Now, if you look at the scenario of an escape room and that of traveling, you will soon realize that the way out is quite the same for both. Under both these circumstances, you must first calm down and start familiarizing yourself with your unknown surroundings. Once you become familiar with your new surroundings, you can think calmly and make your way in time! 

An organized trail 

Remaining organized is the key to both your escape room adventures as well as traveling. When you enter the escape rooms, you can often find so many things lying around you that it is easy to get overwhelmed by them. But instead, ensure that when you go to an escape room game for the next time, you remain organized while following the game’s trail.  

Generally, all the objects you find inside an escape game will be of use only once, unless it is a red herring, kept to waste your time! So, you can select a particular spot inside your escape room game to place all the objects you have already used once and a separate area for those that you haven’t. In this way, you can remain ahead in the escape room game as you follow the trail in an organized manner.  

Similarly, you must follow your trip itinerary when it comes to traveling. Ensure you visit all the different tourist locations according to your trip itinerary! In this way, neither will you miss out on any particular touristy spot nor turn up at a place that remains closed on the day you visited it.  

Hence, as you can now understand, you can easily elevate your escape game experience and traveling by sticking to your organized trail or trip itinerary! 

Heightened sensitivity and keen attention to surroundings. 

While playing an escape room game, you must always keep your eyes and ears open and engulf all the room details you find around you. Clues and puzzles inside an escape game can remain hidden in unusual places. It is by remaining sensitive to your surroundings that you can find them.  

Similarly, when it comes to traveling, if you shun your senses to the new and different things that you find around you, your fun is reduced. The joy of traveling lies in unearthing and learning about the rich culture and history of the place you visit. You need to keep your senses heightened and pay attention to every little detail you find around you. It is only then that your traveling will be worthwhile! 

So, now you see how intricately related escape game experiences and traveling can be! While I have become a much better traveler than I was (thanks to the fantastic escape rooms), are you ready to try your luck at these immersive games? Try out these games, and you will soon realize how immensely more enjoyable your traveling experiences will gradually become!  

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