Get Ready for a Night Full of Games to Play in the Dark with These 5 Easy Steps

Sleepovers, camping trips, and family reunions give great venues for playing night games. During summer, it’s too hot outside for the children to have fun with their friends or even their parents. When the sun goes down, the environment cools down, giving a chance to enjoy those games to play in the dark. These games can be played indoors and outdoors. 

Playing in the dark is one of the best experiences in a child’s life. It can be bothering for parents, but the benefit of this experience in a child is priceless. Whether your family will be on a camping trip or just at home, playing in the dark is always a good idea. In this post, I will be sharing some tips for playing games in the dark. With this, I can help you come up with a perfect plan for organizing a set of fun games not just for the kids but even for the whole family

Steps to Follow in Organizing Games to Play in the Dark

#1. Ensure the Safety of the Gaming Area

When you allow your kids to play in the dark, you should make sure first the area is safe and sound for them. Don’t allow your kids to play far from the house. Let them play in the backyard instead. If you’re on a camping trip, then make sure the kids play near the camping site. 

Be sure the area is 100% safe for the kids. Remove anything that can harm the kids as they play. Don’t allow them to play near the streets. Set boundaries for the games. Know the entire area very well. If you can, conduct a risk-benefit evaluation. Know the risks and hazards of playing in the dark. Consider the place, people, and the games your children will play. 

#2. Watch Closely the Kids. 

Kids still need supervision when they play, especially in this situation. Keep an eye on the kids, especially to the younger ones. Have someone to look after the kids as they play just to make sure everyone stays safe while having fun in the dark. Also, you may advise the older kids to watch out for their younger brothers or sisters as they play. Remember, two heads are better than one. 

#3. Set Some Rules for Playing in the Dark

Cover some simple rules before letting the boys and girls play. You may cover rules like warning the children no to damage objects and hurt others intentionally. Also, advise the older kids to be alert for their safety while playing in the dark. Encourage all kids to follow the rules you have set by giving them treats after each game.

#4. Be Careful When Using Things Like Fire

If the games you choose to organize involve things like the fire that can harm anyone, then be extra careful. Ensure that those things won’t cause danger to kids as they play. Remind the older kids to be responsible when they play with fire or any other materials that can be dangerous. 

#5. Kids Should Wear Proper Clothing

Also, you should consider what the kids will be wearing when they play in the dark. Their clothes must allow them to move freely and keep them comfortable so that they can focus well on the games. To keep them visible and easy to find, have the kids wearing light-reflecting vests. 

Top Fun Games to Play in the Dark

There are so many games that kids or the whole family can play in the dark, but these games are no doubt the best. These games are so simple and fun. They are appropriate for young kids and even for adults. You don’t have to use all of them. Feel free to choose those games you think your kids would love!

1. Hide and Seek

The old and classic game that never fails to be entertaining – hide and seek has been a favorite of every grown-up. It can be played in the light, but playing it at night with the lights off makes the game more fun. Hide and seek comes in different variations, such as:

  • Tapping sticks hide-and-seek
  • Sardines hide-and-seek
  • Flashlight hide-and-seek
  • Firefly hide-and-seek

2. Flashlight Tag

The nighttime edition of tag arms a player with a flashlight. One will play “It” and will count 1 to 10 while everybody in the group runs away. Here, the goal is evading the light. When the play has been caught in the beam of the flashlight, they’re out. The last person who will be caught by the beam of the flashlight will win and play the next “It”. Look for the kid-friendly unbreakable flashlights for the game. 

3. Ghost in the Graveyard

This one is a classic game that has been the favorite night game of many kids. Younger kids can pair up the players and designate the area for playing. Older children may want to hide alone and spread out in a bigger area. Choose a place and pick some kids and ask them to ask as ghosts. 

Then, let the ghosts hide as the rest count from “one o’clock” to “midnight”. When somebody sees a ghost, that person yells “Ghost in the graveyard! Run, run, run”. From there, everybody will run back to the base. The ghosts will run after the other players and try to pull them before they can reach the base. All the pulled ghosts will become ghosts for the 2nd round.

4. Fugitives and Cops

This game is for adults and children. It requires a big play area where you designate points A and B. The fugitives will have to get from point A to B without being arrested by cops. The fugitives have only a few minutes to leave point A. The cops are equipped with flashlights as they look for the fugitives.

Those fugitives who managed to get from point A to B without getting caught will be the winners. This game is getting more fun with a big area and more places for hiding. Feel free to set a limit for the time because this game can be long. 

5. Attack N’ Defend

This one is also a classic game and is a favorite in summer camps. Attack n’ defend is ideal for a big group. In this game, there should be a “fort” or “castle”. Teams will take turns attacking and protecting the castle. Those who manage to touch the “castle” or “fort” will win one point. Teams have an equivalent number of turns that last from 5 to 10 minutes. At the end of the predetermined time, that team with the highest total of points will win. 

6. Nighttime Reflector Hunt

Children love the thrill of searching for hidden items. Though this game in the dark requires some sort of advanced preparation, the fun will repay for it. Buy cheap reflectors at the hardware or discount store. Attach the reflectors for indexing the cards and punch holes for the strings. You may also attach a string using hot glue to the rear side of the reflector. Hang them on the bushes and in trees. Now, let the children search for them using flashlights. The one who finds it first will be the winner. 

7. Pyramid Sticks

Divide the group into two teams. Every team will have to find 3 sticks that are all of the same lengths. They will be using these sticks in building their pyramid. Both teams will aim to destroy the opponent’s pyramid while protecting their own. Every team will receive one point if they pull down the other group’s pyramid. 

8. Grandma’s Foot Steps

In this game, one will pretend to be the grandma and sit in the chair with her back to the other player. Other players will try to come up with grandma and get something beside her. When grandma hears the footsteps, she will turn and point the flashlight to where she heard the footsteps.

When grandma sees the players, they should return to the starting point. The player who succeeds in stealing an item beside grandma and returns to the starting point will be the winner. 

9. A Thief in the Dark

Choose at least 20 items and put them somewhere on the table or in a room. Let the players take time to inspect the entire area. The given time depends on the total number of players and their ages. Let the players take their time to check the items, but don’t give them ample time to remember them. 

A member of the group will act as the “thief” to eliminate one object while the lights are off or the rest of the group are out of the room. After that, let the players see the items and tell which one has been eliminated. The winning player will be the one who identifies more “stolen” items. 

10. Shadow Puppets

If the kids are already tired, introduce this game to them. Provide them flashlights, lamps, or lanterns to allow the kids to make shadows of different shapes and animals. Encourage the kids to come up with a show of shadow puppets for more fun.

11. Murder in the Dark

The murder in the dark is a game that should be played in a big and dark room. Have some paper slips for every player. One paper will be written with a “detective” while it’s the “murderer” for the other. The other paper slips will all be written with “victim”. Pass the paper slips until all players have one or let them draw the papers from a box or basket.

The “detective” will leave the room. The room is completely dark and everybody walks all over the room. The “murderer” searches for the “victims” and kill them by tapping them twice. The tapped victim shouts and lies down lifeless. The murderer will continue taking the victims until the lights turn on. 

This time, the “detective” will return to the room. The player will try catching the murderer by asking some questions. The player can make 2 to 3 guesses. The detective should be able to guess the right person who played the “murderer”. If the “detective” fails, the “murderer” wins the game. Gather the paper slips and rearrange them for the 2nd game. 

12. The Wink of Death

For this game, let everybody stand and form a big circle. Pull some cards from the deck and make sure each player gets a card. Pass the cards to the whole group. The player who holds the “joker” will be the “murderer”. This player will then kill the rest of the group by winking at them stealthily. The victim counts to 5, drop to the ground, and play “dead”. The players will guess who the killer is. Someone who guesses incorrectly will be eliminated. The one with the correct guess wins and will be the murderer for the next game. 

13. Statue Tour

In this game, there are two persons. One of them will be the “tourist” while the other is a “tour guide”. They will both leave the room. The room is dark and other players will act as statues and count up to 30. The other two players, the “tourist” and “tour guide” will enter the room while holding a flashlight. 

The goal for this game is making the statues move or laugh. The players can’t touch the statues. Those statues that moved or laughed will be eliminated in the game. The last statue in the game will win the game. 


Playing games can still be fun and exciting even in darkness. These games to play in the dark are truly exciting and entertaining not just for the kids but even for the adults. These games are perfect ice breakers to keep everyone occupied during a camping or vacation trip. 

Choose those games you think are the perfect options for your kids or the whole family. You can play these games outdoors in the evening or indoors on a rainy summer evening. With these games to play in the dark, everyone gets hours of unstoppable fun. 

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