Considering A Dominican Republic Nightlife? Here Are The Coolest Ideas Worthy for a Visit

Whether you just want to enjoy a glass of wine by the shore or dance with your friends, Dominican Republic’s nightlife is definitely worth checking out. Dancing and music are an important part of daily life in the country. Folkloric music plays on Fridays and Saturdays in Santo Domingo. Puerto Plata is home to drink lounges where you can enjoy bachata and merengue.

You should also add Punta Cana’s marinas and plush nightclubs in your must-visit list. Santiago’s downtown is perfect for bar hopping and partying. If it’s beach nightlife that you’re looking for, why don’t you go to Cabarete and visit one of its many bars along the harbor?

It’s not uncommon to see people dancing outdoors in public spaces and parks in Dominican Republic. If you want to know what nightlife is really like in the country, it’s best that you see it for yourself. We have prepared a list of the most popular local nightclubs and bars that you can visit in DR.

Local Nightclubs in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has so much to offer when it comes to nightclubs. These places are packed with great music, dynamic atmosphere and beautiful people. Here are some of them.

El Napolitano Disco

Located along George Washington Avenue, El Napolitano Disco is perfect for those who want to experience an upscale nightlife in Santo Domingo. The discotheque’s oceanfront terrace is an ideal place for couples who are looking for a romantic venue. You can enjoy your favorite drink while listening to Latin music from the club’s sound system.

Bachata Rosa 

Bachata Rosa, which is located in Colonial Zone, has 2 different floors to accommodate the needs of various guests. It’s popular among the local people and is an ideal place for those who want to experience an authentic Dominican Republic nightlife. Tall drinks can be ordered from the bar and you can dance until the early hours of the morning. There’s also an on-site restaurant so if you need to refuel, you can just visit them.  

Jet Set 

Jet Set caters to classy couples. If you don’t like El Napolitano Disco’s oceanfront setting, you should consider booking a reservation at Jet Set. The establishment is known for its live orchestra and structure that is similar to a bullfighting arena. Complimentary entrance is offered on regular evenings, but you have to pay a certain amount on nights that feature live music. The most vibrant evening at the club happens every Monday night, so don’t forget to include it in your must-visit list. Jet Set features Dominican artists every week and tickets usually cost no more than $25.

Fantasy Disco 

Fantasy Disco plays merengue music every night and serves a wide range of drinks. The club boasts sophisticated equipment, including plasma screens, pinspot, robotic lights, LED technology and laser. The spacious venue is perfect for enjoying the night with your friends.

Kviar Show Disco & Casino

Kviar Show Disco & Casino is located in Cabeza de Toro and is a great place for couples who are in their honeymoon, groups of friends looking for adventure and teens spending their spring break time. The club opened in December 2015 and offers the perfect combination of DJ beats and Dominican music such as salsa, meringue and bachata. It is also home to amazing urban artists, DJs and regional music.

Pearl Beach Club

Pearl Beach Club is surrounded by Bali beds, palm trees and hammocks. Its beach club concept is perfect for those who want to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pearl Beach Club has an on-site restaurant and a sushi bar. If you’re looking for the right blend of culinary delights, freshness, music and atmosphere, you should consider visiting Pearl Beach Club.

Oro Nightclub

Oro Nightclub has a large LED wall system and three lavish bars. You can also see the DJ booth from any area and access the dance floor with ease. Oro Nightclub has hosted the concerts of various international artists.

There are other nightclubs in Dominican Republic. You only need to explore the area to find them and see for yourself what they have to offer. There’s always a disco, bar or club that suits your needs. There’s a large selection of nightlife entertainment along Punta Cana’s 30km coastline, including concert places, restaurants and discotheques.

Santo Domingo is also known for its consistent, lively and diverse nightlife. You will find a wide range of entertainment options after dusk such as car washes that also work as sidewalk bars and clubs as well as outdoor meringue concerts. There are three major nightlife hubs in Santo Domingo. Malecón Boulevard is home to hotels that provide additional entertainment and seaside recreational parks. Ciudad Colonial is great for enjoying live music and bar hopping. Bustling nightclubs and bars await you around Ensanche Naco and Piantini.

Dress nicely when you’re exploring nightclubs in Dominican Republic. Ride-hailing services operate at all hours and are just a click away. No matter where you are, you should be careful all the time since you’re partying late at night. Mind your liquor and avoid walking alone or on isolated streets.

Local Bars in Dominican Republic

If you’re tired of partying at crowded nightclubs, why don’t you try visiting one of the many bars in Dominican Republic? There are plenty of bars in the country that allow you to enjoy the area’s vibrant nightlife without dealing with enthusiastic partiers. You can just find a spot where you can see the view and enjoy your favorite drink. Here are some of the most popular bars that you should visit in DR.


Bottoms offers complimentary entrance to all guests. It’s a small dive bar that features live musical performances almost every night. If you are searching for a place to observe the local scene, you should visit Bottoms.

Coco Bongo

Party in Coco Bongo is until dawn. With its vibrant atmosphere and stunning live performances, you will definitely want to visit this bar again and again. The shows feature professional dancers, actors and acrobats. Spectacular sounds and lights with projected images will remind you of Las Vegas or Broadway. The bar is also popular for its international star imitators and live music. Coco Bongo’s interior design allows guests to watch the show from anywhere. The bar is open daily, so you can go there anytime.

Adrian Tropical

Adrian Tropical offers not only freshly concocted drinks, but also outdoor and indoor seating arrangements that allow you to find the perfect place for you. You can find an ideal spot where you can watch people passing by or see the open ocean. The scrumptious food and refreshing beer offerings as well as casual atmosphere of the bar attract both locals and tourists. Adrian Tropical’s salads and pasta dishes are perfect with a cold drink.

Marrakesh Bar & Café

Marrakesh Bar & Café offers super-sized cocktail drinks. It caters to a wide range of city dwellers and guests of Hotel Santo Domingo.

If you want to listen to old-time music and see a diverse crowd of people, you should visit Meson D’Bari. Punto y Corcho serves various kinds of wine. The Kan Drink House is a Dominican-style bar that features performances by different artists like Vakeró and Mozart La Para. You can order your favorite cocktail and enjoy it inside or take out. The best thing about The Kan Drink House is that its prices are very affordable. The bar plays Latin music with some pop music, bachata, salsa and merengue.

With a wide range of bar and club options, you will find yourself struggling to pick only one place to visit. Whether it’s a relaxing wine bar you’re looking for or a bustling nightclub, Dominican Republic certainly has something to offer for everyone.

You can party all night in one of the bars and clubs along the shore. Bars hold shows and live music on special occasions. Why don’t you visit one of the dance clubs on your weekend? You’re bound to find a venue that you will go back to again and again. If you’re in Sousa, you just need to take a fifteen-minute cab ride to find a party.

If partying is not your cup of tea and you understand Spanish, you should visit one of the local theaters in DR. You can watch some of the latest works of modern playwrights in their avant-garde theaters.


Dominican Republic is known not only for its beautiful beaches, avant-garde theaters and other popular destinations, but also for its exciting nightlife. Whether it is your first time visiting Dominican Republic or you’ve been here before, you will definitely enjoy delicious food and drink offerings as well as entertainment options in the country. If you want to make the most of your stay in Dominican Republic, it’s best that you plan ahead so that you can do everything in your must-do list.

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