How Do You Manage Dominican Republic Hurricane Season? 4 Things To Remember

Hurricanes are not common in the Dominican Republic. The peak month for hurricanes is September, but the hurricane season starts on June 1 to November 30. During these months, the weather is humid and sunny with sporadic rain showers and some cloudiness at night or late afternoon.

However, you should also keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is a big state. This means that one coast may be completely unharmed by a hurricane, while another may be hit by a storm. Continue reading and learn everything you need to know about the hurricane season in the country. You will also learn how to prepare for your trip to the Dominican Republic.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Trip to the Dominican Republic

You have to plan your trip in order to maximize your stay in the country. Start by learning more about the hurricane season so that you can prepare for your trip properly.

  • Hurricane damage

Hurricanes that cause minimal damages with winds reaching between 74 mi and 95 mi per hour are classified as Category 1 storms. Category 2 hurricanes cause moderate damage with winds reaching between 96 mi and 110 mi per hour. Hurricanes that cause extensive damages and winds reaching between 111 mi and 130 mi per hour are classified as Category 3 storms. Category 2 hurricanes cause catastrophic damage with winds reaching between 156 mi per hour and even higher.

  • How often do hurricanes hit the Dominican Republic?

Most hurricanes hit areas on the southwestern and western side of DR. Thankfully, these areas are less populated and large storms rarely happen. In September 1930, Santo Domingo, DR’s capital city, was hit by Category 4/5 Hurricane San Zenon. A Category 4 storm, Hurricane David, hit the town in 1979 which is almost 50 years after the last hurricane. A Category 3 storm called Georges hit the city in September 1998.

Most areas in DR have been hit by a storm at some point, so businesses and hotels are prepared for hurricanes. They have plans that they can implement right away. Most hotel staff and managers will also give enough instructions. If you’re planning to visit DR, you don’t need to worry because you will have enough time to prepare.

Follow pages on Twitter and Facebook that provide regular updates regarding the weather in the Dominican Republic. Since it takes weeks for storms to form, forecasters have enough time to keep tourists and locals informed. Hurricanes affecting DR usually form along Africa’s west coast and start out as tropical storms and tropical depressions. Forecasters observe the storms for 2 to 3 weeks, so they have a lot of time to warn travelers about a hurricane threat.

  • When should you visit the Dominican Republic?

There are 2 tourist high seasons in the country – summer (July & August) and winter (December & late February). You will find it easier to book a hotel room and save some money if you go during autumn or spring. The temperature doesn’t differ significantly from one season to another.

The worst time to visit the country is during the storm or hurricane season, while the best time is from the month of December to April. Expect heavy rains from the month of August to November. July can experience heavy rains as well. The prices of hotels are lower during off-season.

  • What to expect when a hurricane hits

If you’re staying in DR and a hurricane happens to hit the area, you may need to transfer to another hotel. This will only happen if your current hotel is affected by the storm. You might be transferred to another coast if the area is significantly affected by the hurricane.

Clean-up activities occur once the hurricane has passed. However, these activities might interrupt your plan. Since flights may be canceled or delayed, your stay in the country will be extended as well. This means that you need to pay for your extra vacation days.

The possibility of being caught in a storm in the Dominican Republic is quite rare. You may forget about your inhibitions once you see the rich culture and tropical beauty of the country. The Dominican Republic is a melting pot of various cultures. You will see native Taino Indian, European and African tribe influences with Spanish roots. The country is also home to tropical beaches, mountains and other unique geographical features.

Final Words

The Dominican Republic is a great place to spend the holidays as it offers a lot of fun activities and picturesque views that you can enjoy with your loved ones. However, the hurricane season is obviously not the best time to visit the Dominican Republic. The heavy rains can ruin your vacation.

The best time to visit the country is from the month of December to April. Take this chance to enjoy the beaches, climb the mountains to see a fantastic view of the verdant tropical forests and meet new people. Follow the travel tips we have shared and enjoy your vacation!

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