Top 10 of the Most Ideal Camping Games For Teens You Should Know

Teens are very enthusiastic and full of vigor in doing many things. This is the reason why it is perfect to take them on a fun-filled camping trip that will make them remember for the rest of their lives. There are many camping games for teens that you can introduce to them while on the campsite. 

In this post, I am going to enumerate the top 10 of the best camping games that you and the teens will surely enjoy playing with friends. But, wait, there’s more! I also include some helpful tips to make your camping day truly unforgettable. 

What are we waiting for? Let’s get it on!

Coolest Teen Games to Play During Camping

Some kinds of games are best to play in the daytime or morning while others are better when done in the evening or at night time. So, here is the following list of games to consider: 

Morning or Afternoon Games

1. The Human Pinballs 

This pinball machine game is another version of dodge ball which goes beyond throwing balls and standing around. Here, a player will serve as the dodger. As for the other campers, they will just stand in a circular form and face outward. Make sure that there will be no broken circle. Do this by spreading the legs for each player, touching the feet of players next to them. 

What makes it so different is that the teen dodger should hit the pinball outside the man-made circular layer. For the players who are forming this circle must wave their hands and arms and bend at their waists for them to hit the pinball going back to the center. 

If somebody hits this dodger, he gets one point and will take the place of the dodger. However, if the dodger successfully hits the pinball outside this circle, he will get the point. 

2. Wet T-Shirt Relay 

In this relay game, the players will get nothing but action, enjoyment, and silliness. This is a fantastic way to relax on a warm, sunny day. Here, you should prepare 2 to 3 buckets and big t-shirts of equal number.

What you need to do is designate one bucket for every pair of players. Or, you can also divide the campers into groups if you are too many. Then, simply fill in these buckets with water. Place them in a line with a distance to one another. Lastly, submerge the shirts into each bucket. 

For every team or pair, one must be sent to run into the bucket. They should wear the wet tee shirt over a bathing suit and race back to the teammate to pass it on. The player who gets the t-shirt should immediately rush to the bucket and dunk it in it there. After doing so, he should run back to his co-players. The first team to finish wins. 

3. Who’s the Killer? 

If you guys decided to have a less activity type of game, this game is a great choice. In this fun game, there will be pieces of paper placed in a hat. One of them carries a black dot, another got a star in it, and others are blank. 

Every player will draw one piece of paper. They should be discreet with the details on the paper they have picked. For the player who gets the paper with a black dot, he will be the murderer. The one who gets the paper with a star will be the detective. 

The killer works by winking at the players but not letting the detective notice. It is actually the challenge in the game since the killer does not know who among the rest the detective is. For those who get the wink from the murderer, they will start “dying”. They can act out as they want to. If the victims are all killed, the killer wins. However, it is likely for the detective to figure out who the killer is. 

4. Water Balloon Game 

The first thing to do in this water balloon game is filling up at least 25 water balloons to get started with the game. You can set up the net if available. If not, you can just have a rope connected between 2 trees to throw the balloon over. You can divide yourselves into 2 teams. Make sure each pair has a towel since this water balloon slings. 

This game is like playing a volleyball game. The only difference is that you need to toss over the water balloon over the net with the use of the towel sling. Once the water balloon breaks on the opponent’s side, the other team will get one point. 

5. Twenty Questions 

It is the camping game for teens that applies the power of deduction. The teens will be seated in a circle form. One should start the game by thinking of any object. Then, he should answer the questions from other players until they figure out what the object is. 

Everyone will have the chance to ask their question which is answerable by “Yes” or “No”. As soon as the players think they know the answer, all they need to do is to say it aloud. If they got it wrong, they will be eliminated from the game. The camper who guesses the correct answer is the winner. 

Games to Play Around The Campfire 

6. Fortunate/Unfortunate 

For this type of game, the players will take a turn in negating what the player before them has just said. With such effort, this game will surely be filled with laughter. 

Every person will change the narrative making the short story becomes more absurd. You can continue until the final player takes his turn. 

7. Serial Storytelling

If you like a more creative camping game, then you can try this serial storytelling. One of the teens should start it off by telling a story good for one minute. Then, it will be continued by the next person in the circle. He must add his part and let the next one continue. 

Before getting started, you can suggest them to come up with the “why, who and what” of their makeup sorry to make it even more interesting. You may also add some ground rules regarding the content. Inform them that it should be easy to understand and interesting. 

8. Mad Libs 

Mad Libs is a game similar to Who’s The Killer?” It is often played outdoors especially when it rains. This game is about the fill-in-the-blank type of short story leading to hilarious and shocking scenarios that make everyone burst in laughter. This game is also educational because one of the players will ask others for adjectives, nouns, parts of speech and verbs. 

You can also come up with themed editions when playing this game. These can be focused on cartoons, pets, valentines and anything that are interesting for the teens. Furthermore, this is also similar to the ad-libbing of word games that are free online. You can have them in printable forms. 

9. Down, Down 

Originated in Australia, the name itself will make you imagine that it is a silly game. It is similar to the “Twister”, an American game. Here, you just need one tennis ball. There will be two campers who should be standing apart from one another. They will throw the tennis ball to one another, back and forth. 

If one player misses the first time, he should kneel in one knee. For the second time, he should get down on both knees. For the third time he misses catching the ball, he should throw the tennis ball while on his elbows and knees. The fourth time missing the ball means he has to get down with the 4 body parts and he loses the game. There will be another player who will be facing off with the champion. 

10. Bean Bag Toss 

The bean bag toss game may be very common, but it still has a lasting appeal to teenagers. You can try the portable game for bean bag toss which is an inexpensive option. The good thing about it is that this does not occupy much space and it features easy setup. Plus, you get a variety of options to score and you can make variations in this game as well. 

Usually, this type of game uses fabric or wooden frame seated on the floor at a particular angle. There must be a hole on its top portion, 2 more holes beneath this part, and another 3 found at the bottom portion. 

If everybody agrees, you can provide various points or scores per hole. If not, you can also come up with distinct colors of bean bags that you are going to toss in all levels. Although it is very common, this game is so fun to play and it makes every player become more competitive. This is a perfect choice if you want everybody to just gather around the campfire. 

Tips For A Memorable Camping Activity 

Sending teenagers to a camping trip is an effective approach to keeping them away from the digital world that sometimes brings negative impacts to their personalities and behaviors. But, it is paramount to know some helpful tips to keep them going safely and healthily. 

1. Location 

Location matters a lot in every camping trip, especially among teenagers. Before deciding for the final location, always read reviews. Your choice of location should be correlative to your purpose, sets of activities prepared and what types of campers you have. Your campground must be interesting to the teens. 

2. Foods and Drinks 

Another important factor to consider when going on camping is the kinds of foods and drinks you ought to prepare and serve. Are they healthy and budget-friendly? Are they convenient to bring and easy to make? These are just some of the crucial matters you need to consider. Bring foods that you do not often eat back home. You can have cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates. To keep your bodies healthy and energized, do not forget mixed vegetables and fruits. 

3. “No Gadgets” Day 

Since this camping trip is about living a stress-free life and discovering many things around, then it is best to set a limited screen time. Or, you can completely prohibit the use of gadgets except when taking photos.

Although teens love posting photos on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, you must not let them get invaded by the online world even for today. All of you should stay focused on the fun-filled activities and have fun with friends without remembering about your social media accounts.

4. Quiet Moments 

Thinking about the online world, you will deal even with other people’s problems as they keep on posting thoughts that bring nothing but negativity. If you will stay at work, you will be dealing with toxic people again. In other words, you are living in an environment full of chaos. If you want to break free, you should take advantage of the peace and serenity that nature brings. 

Camping offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and gets united with nature. Thus, it is a great chance for you to feel rested and recharge your energy. You can read books, look at the stars at night, and feel the cool wind breeze near the shore.  

Final Thoughts 

With these camping games for teens, we can help the youth find something enjoyable and learn many things around them without spending so much money. Camping is highly essential for people of all ages because of the remarkable benefits it offers to the physical, social, emotional and psychological aspects of their lives. 

I hope that these camping game ideas for teens will help you achieve fun-filled camping. Share us your thoughts by writing down your comment below. Please do inform your friends and colleagues by sharing it on your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. 

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