Camping Drinking Games To Kill Boredom? Here Are the 8 Best Games To Try!

Have you been looking for another reason to drink while having so much fun at the same time? Would you believe that you can toss up a drinking game while on a camping activity? What else you need to know more is that there are numerous varieties of camping drinking games you can play with everybody in the camp. 

Let me give you some of the most remarkable ones. You will surely love to share it with your friends, laugh altogether and find out who gets drunk after the game. 

1. Medusa 

This game should let everybody sit around with a table at the center full of drinks in shot glasses or small drinking cups. Every player must bow down their head. You can make a rule that the head should touch down the table, so it would be fair to the rest. On a count of 3, you should look up altogether and make sure you are looking at a person. 

If you are looking at the player who is not looking at you, then you are safe. You will not take a shot. But if you happen to look at the player who is also looking at you, then you should shot “Medusa!” The person who will be able to say it after you will take the shot. 

You just have to keep the game going until no more shots left on the table. 

2. Never Have I Ever 

If you want a bit more classic camping drinking game, then try this one. This is easy and simple to play, but it can bring so much fun around the campfire. 

So, the rule is that every player takes a turn saying something that he has never done before. As for the rest of the campers, it depends on whether or not they are going to drinking. They can take a shot if they have ever done such activity mentioned by the player. If not, they do not take a shot. 

This is about how people admit many kinds of things. The rest will just have to agree with what others have done similar to them. This is about honesty; otherwise, this game won’t be fun at all. 

3. I am Going Camping 

This is a game where everybody can be a leader. They will take turns and they have to think about a certain location and not reveal it to the rest of the players. 

Let’s say, you chose the beach. Always start with the words “I’m going camping” and followed by your hint. It can be “I’m bringing a swimwear”. Since you have a beach in your mind, your clue must be close to what you commonly find, see or do in that place. 

For the next player, he should continue what he believes relevant to what you have said. Since you have mentioned about a swimsuit, the next player can say “I am going camping. I’m bringing a towel.” Then, you just have to continue. Once a player failed to say something irrelevant to what you have in mind, then you should ask him to drink. 

Furthermore, the campers can also make a wild guess of the location you have in mind while the game progresses. Once they have guessed it correctly, you will be the one to take the shot. Then, the player beside you will be the next one to give a hint of a location. However, if nobody guesses what you have in mind, you can select how many rounds as you have agreed upon. Then, everybody should take the shot. 

The more players participating in this game, the merrier it can be. Anyway, there is a big chance that all of you will get drunk after a few rounds of this fun game. It will be an awesome night at the campfire when you executed it well. 

4. Buzz

Another simple game to try is advantageous for those who do well in math. Everyone should be seated in a circular form. To start the game off, you should count from one. Then, the catch is that you should shout ‘buzz’ instead of some specific numbers: 

  • Double Numbers – 11, 22, 33, etc. 
  • Numbers with a 7 – 7, 17, 27, etc. 
  • Multiples of 7 – 7, 14, 21, etc. 

Once a player messes up, he should drink and the next player starts over. 

5. No Laughing 

To start, you should prepare a sheet of paper. All of you will write down some sentences on it. Make the sentences very fun, highly inappropriate or ridiculous. You should make it quite challenging to read out loud and hear without even laughing while maintaining a poker face. 

After doing so, you should fold the paper. Place it in a bowl or a jar. The player will draw one piece of the folded papers one by one. He will try reading out everything written without even smiling or laughing. Once the reader smiles or laughs, he has to drink. 

6. Drunken Artists 

This is a Pictionary version where being those who are not so good at drawing would surely get drunk. 

The rule is that campers should take a turn as the artist and the timer. In the first part of every round, the timer should be whispering a particular word to an artist. Then, he should set the timer. Once the artist player draws a word written on a piece of paper, the players must say aloud what they believe the picture could be. 

If a person guesses it correctly, it is the job of the timer to check how many minutes or seconds have passed. Every 20 seconds that have passed by means that the artist will drink before somebody else figures out what they are drawing. 

7. Bite the Bag

You will need to place a bag at the center while you are standing around it. Every camper takes a turn one by one. Leaning over, he should be able to get the bag but not using his bare hands. The twist is that he has to use his mouth. If you cannot pick up this bag, there is nothing you can do, but to take a shot. 

After everybody has taken a turn, you can just proceed with rounds 2, 3, 4 and until you only have the bottom of the bag left. 

8. True or False (Storytime)

In this drinking game, all players must write down different nouns on some pieces of pad paper. If it is your turn, just choose one piece. Then, simply roll a dice making sure nobody sees the number you have rolled. 

If you have rolled an even number, make sure you tell a real or true story in your life. See to it that it includes what you have written on the paper. However, if you have rolled any odd number, you have to make a story. 

The rest of the players should listen to your story. Their job is to guess if what you have told is true or not. If they guessed it wrong, they have to take a shot or drink. If they did guess it correctly, then it is you who takes the consequences of drinking. The fun part of the game is that you need to take one gulp per person who has guessed it correctly. 

A Few Tips To Note Down Before Packing Your Things  

If you intend to play as many of these games, then you should take a lot of alcoholic drinks with you. This way, you will not be able to run out of shots amidst the fun game. However, everyone should stay responsible to prevent accidents and other bad habits that may occur. 

If it is possible, one of you should not get drunk too much. This way, he will be able to watch out all of you and try to manage if some things do not seem to be doing well. And again, you should remember that you are camping. You are in a deserted place and there can be some dangers around you. 


Outdoor adventures and camping activities with a circle of good friends is an ideal way to unwind amidst the stressful work routines. The most natural solution to escape from all these negative vibes around you is to be one with nature – the forest, wind breeze, and good friends. You can make the day unforgettable by these awesome camping drinking games that you can never do when you get back to reality. 

Do you have any comments or suggestions for more drinking games while on a campsite? Well, we welcome them by sharing your comments below. You may also share these ideas with your friends and get started with these cool drinking games to kill time and uplift the mood of everybody.

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