Five Best Hidden Zipper Backpacks to Buy in 2020

Nothing feels better than wearing a hidden zipper backpack. In this review, I will share with you some of the best anti-theft backpacks you need to purchase in 2020.

Most of the items in this review have been tested and proven to be the best on the market. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find something to carry home because they are easily affordable. The same goes for color and sizes.

Whether you are a traveler or a student, or you want to do some camping, you might consider some of these amazing backpacks. Read on and discover more.

1. Travelon Backpack

This amazing anti-theft hidden zipper backpack is designed with you in mind. It perfectly balances size and quality.

It comes with a wide range of advanced security features. Though it is designed more like a daypack, it could be used like a daily commute or vacation trip bag.

The backpack has a trustworthy legacy from Travelon’s quality merchandise. Its pockets are uniquely arranged and easy to use compared to those of other backpacks. I feel that this product has a reasonable price since it comes with smart features and advanced quality.

This backpack has everything to get a top spot in the list of the best hidden zipper backpacks. Once you unbox this backpack, the first thing you notice is its striking similarity to a daypack.

Though it looks smaller, it has enough room for most of your items. It is 16 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and up to 5 inches deep. Though there is enough room on the inside, you don’t want to overpack it because it doesn’t seem to be a heavy-duty backpack.

This anti-theft backpack features a main compartment, out front, and organizer pocket and two side pockets. There is a vertical zipper on one side. The vertical zipper opens to reveal a mesh holder in which you can store things that need fast retrieval.

There is a water-bottle holder on the other side. There is a front organizer compartment with several pockets for pens, cards, Smartphones, etc. This section lets you arrange your items for fast retrieval.

It has zippers that are well hidden. However, the zippers might show if you overpack it with items.

I like that there is a tablet sleeve in the main compartment that can fit an iPad. Sadly, you can’t force a laptop in the sleeve. Besides that, there is more than enough space for jackets, sandwiches, and DSLR cameras.

There are passports and card slots in the organizer column to keep your sensitive data safe. All of these slots are RFID protected. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about tech-savvy thieves scanning and stealing your personal data.


  • RFID card and passport slots
    Locking compartment and straps


  • The opening of the main compartment might be small
  • Not very easy to clean

2. Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Tear Travel Bag

If you are the type that carries their laptops to the office every day, you might need an anti-theft backpack. 

This slim anti-theft backpack is your most affordable solution as far as the safety of your valuables is concerned. It is more of a small investment for peace of mind.

It comes with multiple pockets to carry your items daily to work. It comes in a sleek design that blends perfectly with the workplace environment. 

Though lightweight, it is ergonomically designed to withstand the weight of your laptop. The advanced features it comes with make it one of the best hidden zipper backpacks your money can buy.

This backpack is uniquely designed to fit any modern formal office. If you are a traveler, I would recommend you go for the black version. 

The product measures 11.7inches in height, 11.8 inches in width, and 7.1 inches in depth. You can comfortably carry a 15.6-inch laptop in this travel backpack. The tear-resistant nylon ensures that the product is highly durable. 

However, you need to know that this backpack is not slash proof. It comes in grey and black colors.

This hidden zipper backpack features up to four main pockets. The one that rests on your back is a padded laptop compartment. The pocket is also slim enough to let you squeeze in some files. 

The next pocket, after the one closest to your back, is a spacious organizer. IOt features a highly protective tablet sleeve, a zippered pocket, and some open pockets. 

These pockets could provide enhanced safety for your valuables, especially in public areas.

It comes with many hidden pockets where you can store your valuables. You can use a TSA lock to lock the dual-layer zipper that runs over the main compartments.


  • Hidden pockets
  • Formal-looking for work and is also good for travel
  • Has a dual-layer zipper that is lockable


  • The backpack is not slash proof

3. MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack 


Safety must always be a top priority whenever you are in a strange location. This is why you might need this backpack that comes with multiple security features.

Losing your valuables, especially in a foreign country, might place a damper on your overall experience. Your favorite travel backpack should feature enough pockets and slots to keep your items safe. Matein Travel

Laptop Backpack is designed to provide all your safety and travel needs.
The product is made from polyester, which makes it highly durable. The material features water-resistant properties for additional safety of your valuables. 

I tried this bag and learned that it feels quite sturdy and comfortable. It features breathable yet thick padding that allows for maximum flow of air and perfect back support.

You can easily adjust the shoulder straps to any length you want. This lets you relieve stress that your shoulder might be subjected to while wearing the backpack. If you want to carry the backpack from the top, the handle is padded to let you do that easily.

A small rear pocket is located on the back of the backpack to let you keep your valuables like wallets and passports. If you are traveling, you can use a luggage strap to secure the product to your suitcase. The strap slides over the right handle of the suitcase.

It features zippers that are made from metal, and each compartment sports two units. Honestly, the quality of these zippers is not consistent since some users have reported that some of them do not pull easily. 

It is also worth noting that the bottom of the laptop compartment comes unpadded, which to me, is a great drawback.

You need to be careful when placing your backpack down because your fragile items might get damaged. I like that it comes with an external USB port. It also features an in-built charger that is located on the exterior and links to a charging cable found on the inside.


  • Has a luggage strap
  • Neatly organized compartment


  • Zippers not durable enough

4. Pacsafe Vibe 25 Anti-Theft 25L Backpack, Black

This backpack is designed for daily commuting or use. It comes with a wide range of impressive anti-theft features. It measures 11.1 inches by 7.5 inches by 18.9 inches. 

It is a compact design product that might suit your needs while traveling light. With two main compartments, which are both spacious to keep your items safe. 

The front compartment comes with two separate pockets to store additional electronics. The pockets can also be used to keep cards, keys, and pens.

This bag seems to be perfect for tall users since it features a long and narrow profile. The bag might hang down your bag if you are not tall enough. This happens even after you have fully adjusted the straps. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you can pick from a wide range of colors like black, forest, dark berry, blue, grey camo, and red.

It comes in a slim design, which implies that you can easily fit your 15.6-inch laptop in it. I noticed that some downsides such as the top handle tend to be less user-friendly because it doesn’t come padded. 

The other major donwside of the backpack is the zippers that are quite poorly designed. You will notice that the zipper tends to get caught when closing. This means that it is hard to handle the bag when in a rush.

There are pockets in the main compartment in which you can store your essential documents such as passports and IDs. The pockets have RFID blocking materials to prevent tech-savvy thieves from stealing your identity electronically. 

There is a flexible Exomesh Slashguard Stainless Steel Wire Mesh that is embedded into the fabric to protect your backpack from being snatched by thieves.

The PopNLock Security clip is available on the top of the straps to protect your items from pickpocketers. Unfortunately, this hidden zipper backpack is not waterproof.


  • Comes with a waist strap
  • Has an interlocking zipper
  • RFID safe features prevent hacking


  • Not ideal for larger laptops
  • Backpack not large enough

5. Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Are you looking for a small, handy backpack? Then you might need this one. It is unisex and compact, which makes it the best choice of office use. It is also great for college and daily commuting.

This backpack is highly lightweight, which makes it ideal for frequent travelers. It measures 11.02 x 4.92 x 16.93. 

It is a small backpack that can only hold a maximum of 12L. It might come in handy for users that travel light or are looking for small bags that would keep their hands free.

This bag might not be for you if you are a busy college student with lots of items to keep. The main compartment is fairly spacious to keep most of your items safe and organized. 

The main compartment features slots dedicated for phones, pens, and tiny notepads. The laptop compartment is padded and can fit slim laptops perfectly.

The opening of the bag is easily adjustable to suit your preference. It can go from 30 all the way to 180 degrees. If you like, you can use the side pocket to keep your small umbrella. 

It has limited space. Therefore, you might not fit laptops that are 15 inches. This bag is very attractive and looks amazingly clean when new. It comes in colors grey, black, and dark grey.

The other thing I like about this backpack is that instead of an outward-facing zipper, it has its zippers hidden beneath the flap. 

This feature makes the backpack almost impossible to pickpocket. Note that when the backpack is extremely filled with items, the zipper becomes easily visible.

The adjustable shoulder straps are padded, and the back of the product has EVA material for enhanced ventilation. 

This bag is rather small, and you will notice that the weight doesn’t get distributed evenly while wearing it. This backpack is not the most durable you will find on the market. 

It tends to break soon along the seams of the zippers. It does not come with slash-proof features or water resistance.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Has dedicated compartments


  • Not very comfortable to carry
  • Has limited Space


The hidden zipper backpacks in the review have unique features to ensure that your items are not stolen. Whether you are a college student or a traveler, from this review, you can get a backpack that best suits your needs. I hope that this information will help you to make the best choice next time you go shopping. Feel free to share this article with your friends and loved ones who might need any of these backpacks. If you have any contribution, kindly let us know in the comments section.

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