What You Didn’t Know about Amber Cove Dominican Republic

Amber Cove Dominican Republic is a modern cruise port that is found in the North-West of Puerto Plata. If you are planning a ship itinerary, then Amber Cove should top your priority list. This port is barely three years old, and it has already won the hearts of more than one million guests worldwide. 

Carnival Corporation spent over $85 million to construct this port, and you can tell that it is worth every penny.

The architectural skills employed to create this wonder port are out of this world. It has building designs that resemble Colonial, Spanish, and Victorian fortresses. Amber Cove is designed in a way that brings back fascinating historical vibes. The port features a vast shopping area, a huge swimming pool, and a swim-up bar, which contains bars and restaurants.

Other than that, lots of recreational activities are going on in Amber Cove. These fun activities include waterslide and ziplining. Besides, Carnival Cruise Lane offers up to 40 excursions. 

With the trips, you can easily explore the surrounding regions and familiarize yourself with other parts of the area. You will get to see and experience lots of history, scenery, and culture.

Unlike Punta Cana, which is quite famous, Puerto Plata had been long forgotten and undermined as a possible cruise destination. 

Carnival was looking to develop and expand its eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary, and they came up with this project. That is how they gave birth to today’s Amber Cove in 2015. 

The port lies on Maimon Bay, which is located on the Northern side of Dominican Republic. Precious amber stone is mined in the area, hence the name of the port.

Amber Cruise Port

From the ship, there is a concrete pier that takes you to the port. From the pier, you will get a fascinating view of the rolling hillside of the country. You will also get a clear view of a lovely coastline that is dotted with palm trees.

Floating Cabanas is found on the right side of the pier, and it goes for around $300 a day. They are attractive and look like the ones on the lovely postcards when you see the magical Maldives.

In case you have never seen or heard of cabanas, they are huge air-conditioned bungalows. They have modern amenities such as fresh-water shower stand, a TV, a couch, loungers, a fridge, and free access to the private wait staff. The part you will enjoy most is the privilege of swimming and splashing the ocean waters right from your porch.

When you get to the end of the pier, you will see an entrance that looks like the Caribbean Fortress. This entrance will lead you to the shopping area. In the shopping hub, you will find Diamonds International, which is one of the famous stores in Amber Cove. 

The cruise port sits on a 25-acre land and has a huge swimming pool in an area known as Aquapark. There are many private cabanas and loungers in this section. The swimming pool has a swim-up bar, which is connected to Coco Cana. This is the main restaurant and bar at the port.

Standing on the hill while looking over the swimming pool area, you will see bar360. This bar provides you with a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire cruise port. 

The bar also lets you see the surrounding area clearly. This is the point from which the Zipline’s run. You only need $20 a day to pass through Amber Cove and have a proper view of each section.

The water slide is located slightly under the Ziplines, and is free. If I were you, I would try it. It feels great sliding and winding through the large pipes while hearing the rush of water. You will also hear the excited sound of other people having fun in the tubes as well.

Things to do in Amber Cove

If you are going to Amber Cove, then you will have a great time. This is guaranteed whether you are going alone or with loved ones and friends. Here are some of the fascinating things you can do while excavating this wonder port.

1. Relax at the Port

The reason why you need a vacation is so that you can slow down, relax and unplug. Therefore, you don’t have to pack it with to-do-lists, checklists, and plans. At times, you can only have fun when you are not doing anything at all, and this is what you can get from Amber Clove. You need to have enough time to relax at the Caribbean port.

Aqua Park is one of the many loungers available around the pool, and you can go there and have some quality time all by yourself. In case you need a drink or two, many waiters are there waiting to serve you. Still, there is nothing to lose because you can dive into the pool if it gets too hot.

 2. Excavate Dominica via an Outback Tour 

Maybe you love to explore the history and culture of communities around the world. If that is the case, then you need to try out this excursion. Local tour operators such as Outback Tours and Carnival Cruises provide you with memorable excursions. 

There are there to ensure that you learn as much as you can about Amber Cove Dominican Republic. 

On an open-air bus, you will be taken through the countryside and town of the Dominican Republic. During this tour, the friendly tour guides will teach you everything you need to know about the culture and history of the island. If you like, you can visit local country homes and have a chat with them to learn their way of life.

 3. Excavate the Waterfalls of Damajagua 

This adventure is unique and fun in every sense of the word. This tour lets you visit the waterfalls of Damajagua, which makes it more fun than most water sports in the area. In this part, you will see multiple cascades of clear waters and many natural water slides.

The trip kicks off with a hike through the lovely landscapes and hills of Puerto Plata. You will go through narrow pathways and canyons before you get to the waterfalls.

Once you get there, you will have time to dive in the waterfalls and have fun that you will live to remember. For children, this trip costs $90, while adults are required to pay $100. However, you will be happy with the way your money is spent.

Wrap Up

Amber Cove Dominican Republic is a cruise port that is packed with lots of recreational activities. If you are not so physically active, you can visit places such as the San Felipe Museum. You might as well choose to ride a cable car to Pico Isabel Torres, which is the highest point of the nation. 

If you are planning to visit Amber Cove on your next vacation, make sure to book an apartment on time. This will help you since the port receives many visitors from all over the world, and you can easily miss a chance if you do book in advance. 

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